Compare Despair

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A perfectly edited


Resists the truth

Of reality

All that's

Been shown

In this 


Is exactly

What they

Want you

To see

As you

Scroll these

Sensational scenes

And the

Clutches of


Dig deep

Remember it's

Not all

As it


You don't

Know what


They keep

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Don Matthews

Fri 27th Sep 2019 16:26

I'm looking at my Facebook
Friend, what do I see?
I'm certain she was frumpish
Now curvy she looks, see?


Wot's that?....😎

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Nigel Astell

Fri 27th Sep 2019 16:14

A hidden secret
of sorrow
waits to be found
finding out
is the key.

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Ruth O'Reilly

Thu 26th Sep 2019 19:16

Nice little poem there Nigel, Cheers for that. There is a mystery waiting to be written behind that you know, you built up a bit of suspense....what will the bitter regret end up being?

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Ruth O'Reilly

Thu 26th Sep 2019 19:13

Thanks for reading Adam, this social media comparison is something that can affect everyone ,I think whether you're young or old, but when people get jealous about someone's perfect life, they forget how staged the images can sometimes be. Digital Detoxing can be good, cut back then come back refreshed!

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Ruth O'Reilly

Thu 26th Sep 2019 19:10

Thanks For reading Don, glad those lines resonated with you

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Nigel Astell

Thu 26th Sep 2019 15:48

Purple finger
Facebook friend
tweet tweet
unplug now
or regret
waits in
bitter end.

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Adam Rabinowitz

Thu 26th Sep 2019 15:21

I have recently had to cut way back on social media. I think the same things that adolescents are susceptible too, so are old men such as myself. Somehow I got sucked onto caring too much about others presentations of themselves and my own in a way that I never did before all this stuff. Great reminder.

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Don Matthews

Thu 26th Sep 2019 11:27

Very good Ruth. I liked the opening lines:

A perfectly edited


Resists the truth

Of reality.....

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