Our Destiny

Our Destiny


The leaves of integrity fall

leaving the stoic tree of virtue

They fall or are blown about

to the earth of abundant corruption

The sun hides behind clouds of shame

as the winds warn of impending doom

Seas surge with the waves of war

as the earth trembles on its foundations

A moon of lurid light deceives

a gullible landscape below

Creatures turn against each other

as drums beat of violence and conquest

A futile spirit hovers over us

but no one is aware or listening

Chaos and confusion join forces

to confound and to mislead

The planet of our earthly home

spirals out of control

A crescendo pulsates with rythm

as voices cry out for salvation

We have set the seal of calamity

on a parchment of hammered vellum

No reply will be forthcoming

save the tolling of a distant bell

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Thu 12th Sep 2019 09:22

Just spell bound Keith.Its a pleasure to read you.Reading again and again.Wonderful

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