A feeling inside VS my wondering eye

Day 2 day

A certain situation has been the same way

I try to act nonchalant as my mother would say

Hoping things will change as a Christian you know I prey.

Subconsiously knowing its inevitable cause that’s how he chooses to play and has my constituents in the matrix to put the icing on the cake.

She needs to fall back for her sake

crazy...if I was ther I’d never want to wake

Now this is twice Ive left my heart out to take.

I have common sense but around him my mind goes blank.

Me falling head over heels again; I just cant!

Patience dear, real love will always wait

In reference to that food for though - Ill need a second plate.

Still I don’t understand when it hurts so bad why must it feel so great? 

It’s a fantasy Ill never act on my intenstions and fantasize with these eyes of mine. 



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