I share with you

that many have compared

my poetry to Dylan’s.

I feel the need however

to qualify that they were referring

to the former England rugby captain

Dylan Hartley.




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Don Matthews

Sun 22nd Sep 2019 11:04

A young and very talented BD in 1963 John......

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John Coopey

Sun 22nd Sep 2019 08:41

He may have done, Don.

Dusty Old Fairgrounds.


And thanks for the “Likes” Becky and Trevor.

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Don Matthews

Sat 21st Sep 2019 22:11

Yes John I remember the Roundabout
The Roundabout at the fair
It was indeed a Magic one
I rode Skippy, when I was there

Did Dylan invent fairground roundabouts?.....

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John Coopey

Sat 21st Sep 2019 19:44

In fairness, Jason, It is a spacio-temporal concept. Don is certainly old enough to have been about at the time of The Magic Roundabout. But he lives on the other side of the world. Perhaps a reference to Skippy would have given him a better chance.

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Jason Bayliss

Sat 21st Sep 2019 09:28

Can't believe no-one would know who Dylan off the Magic Roundabout was, and then I remembered how old I am. Conversely, I didn't have a clue who Dylan Hartley was.

J. x

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John Coopey

Sat 21st Sep 2019 08:17

Thanks Ray. I have no need for self-deprecation though. My mediocrity is blindingly obvious.
And thanks for the “Likes” Becky, Jeannot, Dean and Chrystel.

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Fri 20th Sep 2019 21:38

Nicely sour writing John. All claims to fame punctured from the outset. It reminds me of Tommy Cooper live when I backed him on stage. Saying he did impressions he did one of his butcher, and got a laugh. That was Tommy.


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John Coopey

Fri 20th Sep 2019 08:39

Thanks Kev. There may not be too many here who know who the MR Dylan was. Time for bed.
Good to converse with another so appreciative of technique, Don.

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Don Matthews

Fri 20th Sep 2019 00:12

I must comment on the beautiful flow and rhythm of this piece.
The poet begins by 'softening up' his reader:

''I share with you''

a true and tried technique for getting 'onside'.

He then throws the reader into utter confusion by introducing a completely unknown character by the name of Dylan. Another good technique.

The poet then delivers a rugby-kicking ending.

Nice stuff John. My comment's hopeless....

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kJ Walker

Thu 19th Sep 2019 21:50

And there was me, thinking that you meant Dylan off the magic roundabout.🐰

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