Sometimes,your moods could be seasons.                                                                                                                 Emotions can be seen as winter,but,anger defines summer                                                                                      Make up covers you over ,but spring walks you sober.                                                                                               The laughs behind your back,but there like whispers from shameless cats,forever holding your peace,almost silent like a tree.                                                                                                                                                           Loners paradise,the one you always meet,even when AVOIDED.As i sit here and wonder,loniness takes me over.                                                                                                                               I crawl beneath my sheets,pulling my knees up to my head.                                                                                why am i weary? is it the lies,the drama,or is it the make up?                                                                                My moods could be undefined,explored and conquered....This i know ,so.......why the pretence in profile? why lure me,if its to use me..?    why hold me,if you know you're going to drop me...?                                                 BAE,,i'm sorry,but i'm lonely,even with your company and Blandishments.

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Martin Elder

Mon 2nd Sep 2019 09:47

this is an interesting poem not least because of its phrasing and use of words. Also a new take on being lonely even with somebody else.
wonderfully put

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keith jeffries

Mon 2nd Sep 2019 08:58

An emotional poem which is very well put together.

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