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Knight in shining armour

Poor in pocket

Rich in heart

A king of diamonds 

Bestowed to Queen of hearts

God knows what is best

For what is meant to be will be

Path designed by God for our life's every turn

Virgin Mojito meant as drink

Who knows what hides within

God repays good with good

To those who do evil

You are sure to reap evil

Deceit that you showed 

You shall live and reap


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Fools Rush In (Inner monologue of a childhood sexual abuse survivor cont'd)

I've been foolish

unguarded and exposed

vulnerable, ripe for the plucking 

how clearly he saw this

how oblivious I must have seemed

totally unheading

trying to live the dream


Ruthlessly he burrowed into me

what he sought I do not know

one swift move, a hand, a pillow

I was no more

fear and shame soared


Rushing into everything 

brings forth nothing


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fear of attachmentsrapetherapy

My Crazy Diamond two

My Crazy Diamond


As these words cascade upon the page

I feel a hole inside

Sometimes I shine like you

My crazy diamond.

All my friends say its good to have you back

But I’m not there

I’ll spend another day

Just staring at these four walls.

Come crashing down,

I smash my flat up again.

Silence deafens now

As these words cascade upon the page

I feel that y...

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Waiting to be born, again

entry picture

From the towering shadows of cloud

A flash of the evening star, a gap through

To the star above the vaulted sky: high so very high,

And faraway, high windows allot a view

Of pinpricks in the blackness. Stars await 

Their conversion to black holes of dense

Compact immensity. Swallow you whole they could 

Spit you out before you were born. Still water

Reflects the stars. Cont...

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Lockdown in the Local

The pubs are shut
The grass aint cut
The pints not flowing
The lawn needs mowing
The pies are cold
The snacks are old
The crisps are stale
The lack of ale
The jukey's quiet
The waitress fired
The buzz is gone
The fire ain't on
The food disposed
The doors are closed
Goodbye my Local

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Corona virusLockdownPub


What is it about a cloud, a raindrop?

With the sky frowning gray and cold, 

casting a dim view for my mind to accept

that brighter days have past.


With this forecast, some energy is lost,

gone like the sun behind a wall of reasons.

The can'ts and won'ts sneaking-in to dampen the road,

making the journey long and lonely.


Can such power be in that small, cold drop?


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Consequences VII

Latest in the Consequences series that my writing workshop does at the end of each meet up where we take it in turns writing a line each. Thanks to Mike, Reggie, Antonia, Sarah and Amanda tonight for the laughs and loads of good writing.


The Zombie stopped at the edge of the town

and considered her options.

She'd been out causing chaos last night, didn't she deserve a night off, glas...

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I am amused by conspiracy theories.  Well, not the theories themselves which are unsubstantiated bollocks but by conspiracy theorists.

My son-in-law-to-be is one.  Nothing passes him by – the moon landings, JFK’s assassination, crop circles and, of course, Covid 19.  At first it was 5G signal masts, now it’s lab-produced in China for the purpose of bankrupting the West.

And I love it.  I lik...

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Also by John Coopey:


You Made Me Feel Funny

i trusted you

when you said you'd take care of me

and you'd never make me cry

but you took my little hand

and made me touch you

you made me feel funny


i loved you

'cause i was only five

and you took my little hand

and walked me up the stairs

to play a baby game

that you said i would like

but you made me feel funny


i believed you

when you told me ...

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Also by Josephine Underwood:

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The Arrival

the approval has been granted, 
the lift of the travel ban, 
the ticket longed for is now in hand 

three days scheduled 
in glorious summer heat 
with a lover’s heart in waiting 

greeted at the airport 
a loving embrace 
and staring deep into each other’s face 
before a long evening at an outdoor cafe 

between smiles exchanged 
we smooth out spaces 
between places that haven’t 
been t...

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Climate Change (and us?)


The planet turns, the planet turns;

The adults fiddle while Rome burns.

And children yet to be conceived

Have every right to feel aggrieved.


And us? We tiptoe through the mines

And join the back of frantic lines

In shirtsleeved January sales,

Pursued by ever-warming gales.


Exhausts and power stations spout

Unheeded warnings all about.

But politicians mu...

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The unpleasant poem

the wishing well's run dry, my inspiration torn

the new age, a new day, coming of age see the light of day


in a castle on a hill someone is wearing a long black veil

who's visage only appears by a black mirror's tale


like the burial of the dead never made it to the final game of chess

I rest my case: the bloody duchess married the vampyre on her deathbed

where they toge...

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Scribble shell

entry picture

Sew some tears into your sleeves
Save them for me later, please
Hanging like the sword of Damocles
Scratching at imagined fleas
Ignoring all the shouted pleas
Bodies cold like frozen peas
Sailing blindly in heavy seas
Dreaming of dry land and trees

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A new look at life

Lying alone in my bed

I remeber my old life in my head

Sometimes it was the night I dread

 Had thoughts of emptiness

But I'm no longer

Carrying the heaviness

Don't know why I did the things I did

That life's over now

I sealed it with the lid

So many times

I've fallen down in the past

Leaving scars and memories

That Last

Don't have those thoughts anymore

I ...

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Checks & Balances


The government

has checks

but no balance


you would think

a zero balance

would be a natural check

on carefree spending


but our government

rejects that notion

without blank checks

it cannot function


to the government

it only means

write more bad checks

and spend even more

the whole concept is

out of balance


what kind of pare...

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The Deepest Caverns Are In The Heart

Some descend far under the sea

Others abseil down underground

But its inside part of each of us

The deepest of caverns are found


The deepest caverns are in the heart

Mysterious and echoing and ever dank

Grottos where dreams wither and die

Where a million loves dried and shrank


Love is deeper than anyone can go

There's no bottom to that chasm

Its a death zone...

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How Little


Life seems to have revealed itself to me in stages,
Presented its lessons at a time when I needed to learn them,
Laid itself bare and at the same time hidden its meanings,
And the one thing I’ve learned above all other things is how little I know,
And as we all step blindly forward on the crest of the ever passing moment,
And into the ever unfolding unknown,
The one lesson that has been...

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entry picture


Brought up on fish fingers

and church on Sunday.

A lawnmower land

of new beginnings.

Robin Hood and Batman

carried the day.


Not from here, nor there;

not middle-class or worker

and wrong accent

as my part-time pals

would remind me

and not much good at fighting

or football or maths.


Enamoured of the pen

from an early age,


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True Love

Beauty is something that I thought I knew until my eyes took yours in

Tenderness was just a thought until I felt your touch

I never knew how it felt to be complete until I held you in my arms

True love was just a wish until God brought you into my life


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first lovelovelove poemslove poetrytrue love

FIE THEE, inkanDESCENT with your rejection!!! This is... Well read on



Will know in September

Just heard today but it won't be long

Stare out above daylight passing

Will I always be there?

Covering back daring to face

Encroachment of night?

I watch the flying birds

Sense panic exert towards light

You keep staring towards

We must get back to house

The encroachment displayed receipts

You wrote a letter to ...

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Also by Aaron Murdoch:

People say "Ewww, you don't write like you come from the Wirral!" And yet I can't write a better metaphor than this! |



pestilence and fire,
grief and the things alike,
that which parasites feed on.

parasitic relations,
which taint our sanity,
is the bread of butter of this great nation.

the taughted evangelical,
the fascist saint,
and god's free land.

but yet this thing that stands,
falls because of selfishness,
and you think a war will fix that?

your hearts are black,
and the tar seeps from thin veins,
nothing but true concern...

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Also by Alita Moore:

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In Waves

That phrase,
That phrase you love to say
It has become overdone, cliché
No, it’s not a phase
Years, not days
And see
I will not change
Not this way or that way
Though I may grow,
I may expand in waves,
I will not change
To fit your phrase
I will only expand,
Expand in waves
Is that okay?
That I will stay?
That I won’t change?
That I can only expand,
Expand in waves?
Is th...

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acceptbisexualchangeempowerfreedomgaygrowidentitylearnlesbianlgbtqownpansexualqueerselfsexualitytake spacewaves

My Martello

Incredible views standing looking out to sea

Always though what a great home it might be

No1 and 2 both residentially converted long ago

No3 invitingly waiting for me to give it a go

Round Buildings work for me in an appealing way

Windmills, lighthouses, and it will happen some day

A Martello Tower in Folkestone all of my own

Who could possibly want any other kind of home?


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#inspiration #spiritualgrowth #nature #meditation

Six Months Ago, Six Months To Go

Six months ago I wrote my first poem

quite a few composed since then

Some slightly better than others

some typed, some written in pen


Six months ago I took pen to paper

my first poetry attempt was created

Writing has helped me get through

times when I felt down and deflated


Another six months of restrictions

I wonder what will we all write about

I hope we ca...

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Story Time

I wander in circles 

Lost among the vast reaches 

Of space 

Inside my own head

I search for the answers 

So many times 

Nearly finding a clue 

Some answer

That may point me 

To my next destination 

I fear I'll never find my way 

I know my purpose 

But without guidance 

How am I to know 

How best to serve 

And where I am needed?

I hear the lost souls ...

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Helping the medicine Will bring out the penicillin Cubbing the virus with its consequential order I refuse to join, in the carry of this dreadful queen called Queen Corona! But i've the basin which will contain all the basis of the queen's blood! Dear Queen Corona, I never knew, you were so wicked and heartless Because i came into the country newly. You fortified the efforts of our medicin...

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Also by Chinwendu C.E Rays:

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David Clark ,while walking his dog was tragically killed by a herd of cows

David Clark died earlier this week on the outskirts of town,

Tragically walking his dog,by a herd of cows was mowed down.

David taught at  Richmond School in Yorkshire for 23 years,

The community are devastated,shedding numerous tears.


A brilliant deputy head and simply a lovely leader

Enriched the life of everyone a true good deeder.

An amazing devoted teacher full of fun,


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only one way out

entry picture

only one way out 
just like you heard
down the mountain

don't think. 
follow the center
of your future river

pass the shed of your 

the country turns dead earth into wood
and i turn it further thus
snapped off in haste once
pegged for eager duty
and held up to the sun for 
those gathered to admire

a tree, a length of tree, a stout
handle to the living, 

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#poetry #NYC

Leave a Light On For Me

entry picture

Leave a light on for me
I will return
I don’t know when
I’m yet to learn
The past is less frightening
I’m not as weak
The futures bright
At night I can sleep
Acceptance is key, I'm moving on
With each waking morning
Another fears gone
My head’s growing stronger
I’m ready to fight
I’m normal, accept me
Nothings wrong, all is right
At times I sit silent
With so much to think
Trying ...

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Also by curiousdud3:

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Thoughtful Changes

Blaming others

backward thinking

positive turnaround

lies waiting

perhaps inside

thoughtful changes

ourselves can

make happen

if only

to show

certain people

it can.



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Others can change too


There's so much Fake activity

I'm just trying to make the most of what God has given me

They see im aware an try an get rid of me

If only they knew

They question why I look through

Transparent see through

When I look in your eyes i see truth

Not your own truth just the truth of what is

Your minds the stage your thoughts are showbiz

Its not your success though because its his

You see them...

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Also by Sarah Louise mcnee:


the good kind of sinking

It´s crazy
that I needed
a crisis
to remember
that I don´t want
to hate you
that I don´t have
to hate you
that it is
in my power
to leave the pain
of the past
back in these
fading memories
where it belongs
instead of
digging it out
and holding it
in front of my face
where it´s blurring my vision
every time
I see you

I don´t have to
fight you
because of it
I don´t have to

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Old House

Midnight eyes wide awake.

Curtains flicker in time with my fluttering heartbeat as

menacing wind moans round the window frame.

Floor creaks to nobody’s tread, and

There’s nothing under the bed

If I don’t look……

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Also by Trevor Alexander:

2021 | Ties That Bind |


entry picture


Many who had hiked through Canadian wilderness

[ A cenutry ago ] Took notice of a bird in flight


A rare one the Ojibwa called

Washa-quon-asin--He who flies by night


At once: a hunter, a guide, a trapper

A living made from the furs in his sight


A rare one the Ojibwa called

Washa-quon-asin--He who flies by night


Into his forest lair, he...

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Also by Dee Allen.:


Canadian historyEnglish historyGrey Owlprotecting the environment

The Crab

No matter your patience
Or how long you wait
You can't change his motion
Or alter his gait

He'll scamper and shuttle
He'll dodge and he’ll weave
And just why he does it
You cannot conceive

Watch with some wonder
While rolling your eyes
He'll veer side to side
While you swallow your sighs

He won't get embarrassed
He won't feel ashamed
He's doing it his way
He will not be blamed

For ...

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A message from my Nan

Inspired by DarkerDaniKing


A message from my Nan


I have watched you in the moonlight

Dance with moonbeams side by side

I have heard you as your sleeping

As into my world, you glide


Drifting on those moonbeams

That carried you to my home

Then together side by side

It’s you and me that roam.


I show you wonderous sights

And many colours beyond comp...

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A wonderious dream

A message to God and my Nan

You left nothing but your last breath that I cherish and hold dear

But tell me how I’m supposed to breathe when you’re not here 

I’m constantly living in fear

The person who loved me the most just gone

But I can still hear her calling 

I still hear her song

Everybody says life is too short but I think it’s too long

I don’t know if I’m going to see her again though I need her n...

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Also by DarkerDaniKing:

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DeathMessage for God

Mambo Moment

We interrupt our program 
to bring this important 

Amid the chaos and confusion,
be on the lookout for a  
a mambo moment, 

where you suddenly break 
into song and dance, 
forget your cares, 
live in the moment, 
feel the rhythm of life. 

A mambo moment often appears 
out of nowhere, at the most 
unexpected time.

Those around may think
you lost your mind,
but the...

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Constancy and Betrayal

entry picture

I was enjoying sitting in the garden, pondering the beauty and the timelessness of nature, compared to the fickleness and unreliability we see in our leaders and found myself writing a villanelle. First draft below – may yet be edited but I wanted to share it now.


Reminders of a life, a dream now torn
Scabia, flags and tulips, forget me nots
Behind the privet hedge a rolling lawn


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I believe

I believe the sun will rise again

All the negativities and the pain

Shall go down creeping another lane

Smiles and laughter shall come flowing in

Like ripples of joy blooming uphill


I believe my love shall return one day

All the gloom and doom put at bay

Happiness and merriment will be my say

Like waves of emotions flowering around hay


I believe the doors of go...

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How free are we?

How free, flows the raging river

How free, float the clouds

How free, sways the luscious grass

How free, stand trees so proud


How free, swirls the playful wind

How free, tides ebb and flow

How free, the sunlight bathes the earth

How free, wild flowers grow


How free, the stars prick night with gold

How free, the moon that shimmers

How free, roam creatures of ...

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When the fire within me dies

And my spirit flies beyond the skies

To reach that unknown place that lies

Past earthly need of ears and eyes,

This much I know - this much is plain -

That I shall be but born again

To take my place in the timeless train

Of Creation's everlasting chain.

So, save your tears...your sad goodbyes

This breaking of familiar ties;

Be comforted by...

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Also by M.C. Newberry:


The Silence Still Talks

entry picture

Confined to a tiny apartment

terrified of a viral threat

she rocks in her chair listening


to voices in the corridor

Who is going out?

To voices in the street

Who are they? Are they infected?


She turned off the TV months ago

when depression became too much to bear.


In the silence she waits

for the danger to pass

listening to the constant

chatter of...

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Also by Nicola Hulme:

Where Are The Rats To Race? | You’ll always Be My Friend (You Know Too Much!) | Know You Better |

#covid #elderley #fear #voices #alone


She fell into a cycle of silence

It was so much easier than confrontations

Confrontations were complicated and biased

That guy's in my Spanish class

The "random" people are still here

They are intelligent and they relish

In it, bask in the glory of their

Exceptional casual conversation

I was one, but now I have grown

Silence is my policy, but not misery

I have my chil...

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I Want To Live

Why are all the Selifish . Causing Disruption . Why so selfish It Hurts .

We only have one life and it Matters to Me. So why try and take it so we can't be free. No one knows how to kill or Cure these Horrors we are facing . No one can say When it will End . We know the know All's think they know Everything . They cause more bother than sense. We have to live with the Consiqensas No matter what...

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Also by Wendy A Higson:

Black Lives Do Matter But So Do All |

Dead Lovers and Lifeless Arms

My heart is in hiding, wounded and bleeding. 

Anger’s anesthesia is wearing off

and I can only get so numb,

but it’s never numb enough.  

I cannot retreat far enough

into my dark comforter’s lifeless arms. 

They no longer hold me like they once did,

no longer embrace me in the safety of shadows. 

My lovers surround me

and gaze at me with cold, empty eyes. 

Their comat...

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Also by Shehariah:

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The Pandemic

entry picture

The world has gone from worse to worst
With people dying left and right
We know the cause but what's the cost
A dying race from an embrace
We hope that cure will come for sure
And see that worst will come to pass

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Cometh the thief in a restless search

to steal your breath away.

Angels in white ward off the night

at the end of a precious day. 


In dreams we sense this furtive beast

faceless with its lance

tripping the light fantastic

on its sly and sure advance. 


So wear that mask, wash those hands

protect the NHS

for how long we can ward it off

is anybody's guess. 

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Also by ray pool:


September 2020 Collage Poem: Out of the Land

entry picture

You need to play blue guitar at this interview Miss.

while sitting back to the sea

Put on your red shoes and dance to Nigel’s blue guitar

strangers humming the songs of tomorrow's vocals

Shadows of sinners dancing across the years

as Nigel's guitar gently weeps


the boom and the base of neighbours shouting from next door to turn the noise down

You won't believe what just h...

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collage poemout of the landSeptemberStockport WOL

Life in reverse gear

Cruising along in the gear of six

After dashing around and thriving in the mix

Slow down in third to take any knocks

But always being ready in the starting blocks


Looking over your shoulder is not always good

What’s past is gone and you know you should

Look straight ahead and concentrate

Don’t lose your nerve and hit the brakes


Focus on the things you see

To ge...

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Also by Rick Varden:

That don’t impress me (very) much |

The riot of ‘85

entry picture

Not so infamous as ‘81

when Liverpool went feral

and anger blazed for nine whole days,

the riot of ‘85 arose

in Toxteth when someone

was stabbed and four men’s freedom hung in peril.


I didn’t know that then, although I was 

stranded in the middle

thinking “What the fuckin’ fuck?!!”

In ‘85 there was a lack

of means to know the cause.

We had no internet to solve...

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Love is...

Love is peace

That burns with desire,

The passion can char your soul.

Love is free

And the payment required,

To give and to embrace a soul


Love is blind

It sees into your heart

At the kindness, the beauty within. 

Love is hope

That despairs when we part

And yearns for your arms to return


Love is calm

It torments the head

It breaks and it shatters...

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Also by Gary Cuming:

For you |


The Crazy Teacher


Looks like they’re on crack
Dresses like the circus
Talks five times too fast
Probably escaped from prison

Frequently with coffee
Screaming now singing
Showing videos and cartoons
In hot water with administration

You wouldn’t work with them 
But you’re in a union
Sorry- I wasn’t talking about them
I was describing you

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Also by Robert C Gaulke:

Brazil | I'm Crysexual | Meeting Her Needs | Coming Soon | What does freedom mean to you? | Who killed whom? | What the book wants | Sixty-Forty | What haunts you the most |

Within These Walls

These days I feel a kinship with the four white walls,
Which guard my every move, every breath, every thought.
Observe how they close in on me, irked, distraught-
They make the world look small.
I speak to them in unfinished puzzles,
And superficial metaphors,
And subdued gurgles,
And defeated murmurs.
My words are nothing but a brook,
Whose melancholic babbles fill the chilly air.
They ...

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Distant Dialogue.

If I could close my eyes and meet you halfway, I would. 
I'd find you in the middle of here and there and ignite conversation lasting late into the night. 
In the midst of our subconscious we'll begin peeling off layers of ourselves until there's nothing left to discover.
I'd like to take your suffering in all it's raw beauty and paint it's colors across the sky.
You could be my catastrophic s...

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Also by Jordyn Elizabeth:

Agoraphobia | Tempestuous | Tasting Temptation. | Frisson. | Rage | Kindred Strangers | Conquering Monster's |



Despite your unattractiveness

you are as sweet and sour as

the night - you are slit by the

paring knife separating your

many seeds - pandering as you


do to needs of sophisticated

taste. You are the lingering

song hovering on my tongue.

You are the gong of mystery,

dancing in my melodic mind

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Also by Philipos:



The violent storm

has uprooted the last tree

standing high above

the hill top.


The singing of

the rustling leaves

is now silenced.


The emerald canopy

has curled into a

dead grey mass.


The eroded hill top

rendered barren

is now unsuitable

for sustaining life.


Sadly the magical

sight of unfurling

of buds and the

melodic sound of ...

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Also by Abdul Ahmad:

Fall from grace | Floral dance |


 There is a way in the window

I sit here thinking of them all

How to set myself free from the weight of it all

Is there time for it or am I just a glaze of dust in it all

I rather believe that time isn’t important

It’s just something that keeps us going

Time isn’t the problem it’s the value of it that controls us all

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Also by Destiny:

Be aware | Love |


Shell dump

Salty sweat and nerves of steel

Faster my friends

let the copper

Spread his wings

Death, death, we are the widowmakers

the sing it out loud with an heart filled with pure passion

Laughing about death

by the pound





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Also by Rudyard Kooistra:

Oppy wood | A losing battle | War is sick, 2005 | Totes Meer, part 2005 | Shipwreck by JMW Turner | No mirror | No Buchenwald | No fosfor | No shooting on may third | No Passchendaele | No more dead | No fighting Temeraire | No sides | No steam and speed | No totes meer | No wonder | No shining stars | No more heroes | No chance | No more mister nice guy | No life on Earth | No answer to give | No problem | No dutch/english | No swimming | No one knows | No death | No forest | No story | No one two | No one | No |

River that flows in you

On a flowing river,

Crossing by the Mosis,

Trying to carry out a dozen of pain.

Felling again in your thoughts,

Smelling of the roses,

Standing by your side in your arms.


Would you like,

To me my life,

Crossing the might just for you.

Would you hold and be my soul,

Crossing the river that flows in you.


She said would you hold me,

God has just called me...

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Also by Bhavesh Ahalani:

Breaking free | सफरनामा। | A fight to survive |

heartlossloveriversoulmatestroubled heart



How that icicle shone, illuminated
for a while; ice melted, unremarked.
Out of reach of passing innocents
absorbed by the rainbow within.
It was a good life- it left no trace
on the world. The world can be thankful.
If it grew heavier it carried its own weight 
before the drip, drip, drip of time
took away its burden.

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Also by Adam Whitworth:

File Under The Wrong Heading | If I could Walk On Stilts | The Poet Speaks (To Himself) | Daylight Still | The Body Of Odysseus  |

A Different Rule

I sit before and listen to what's on TV.
Boris is spouting rubbish again I see.
He tells us to forget what he said before.
Boris has changed his mind once more!
But frankly by now I couldn't care less.
I don't see facts, just guess after guess.
Once Cummings told us his pack of lies.
And backed by Boris, surprise, surprise!
I decided I'd no longer be taken for a fool.
As different classes...

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Also by Mike Bartram:

For PC Harper | Tir Na Nog | The First Day | Your Spell | I'm A Scouser | Lazy Day |

Brevity and depth in poetry?

entry picture

Today I typed ‘poetry’ into Google and clicked on the top search, and did so again a few times. Quite quickly I could see that what people want is short but deep poems about life. Says it all really. 

Personally, I’d like to only write short but deep poems about life, and I think I could be happy for a while reading only short but deep poems about life.  

I definitely could be happy reading ...

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Reality Shock

entry picture

Malaysian students raised on BBC

Fables of eternal stately homes

Tidy village greens, leather on willow

Regency costumes and croquet


Were astonished to find no one

Riding horses, twanging lutes or

Reading the Book of Common Prayer

In their malodorous Bradford slum


And even more surprised to find

Grey lunar rows of satellite dishes

Track-suited, feral drug de...

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Also by J F Keane:

Another Yesterday | Tight Rabbit | The Magic Hedgehog | Do It! |


We Need a Poet in Life

entry picture

Ujjal Mandal, India


A poet is needed

to define the life, 

as the poets measure

the length of life

practically as well as


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The Wind

I know only this breeze on my cheek

I know nothing of the countless other faces you have caressed and bitten

I know nothing of the houses you have assaulted and battered

Or the seas you have stirred into tumult and storm

I don't know where you end or where you begin

I know you were blowing both treble and bass through bamboo pipes

Long before I came here

And you will be rustli...

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Masks of grief

Masks of grief


Inside the chapel they stare back at me, blankly

eerily in alien unison

unrecognisable, camouflaged

thirty faceless faces incognito


Some are shrouded in blue, antiseptic in appearance

others are black in a practical, washable material

occasionally there’s a soft bandana or a patterned attempt at prettiness

painted on the masks of grief


We ha...

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Prince of Wales


Fear looms quick,

As the great war comes a knocking again,

Raised from the hands of many,

Sister of King George V,

Arising to plunge a lance to the enemy,


The German Blitzkrieg comes,

Leaving her wanting,

Dogs of the sea,

They will meet their match,


Fear looms swift,

In the fog of war she strikes,

To sink the Kreigsmarine,

Glancing blows to Bismar...

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Also by Chaston Nealy:

Somnus | Kingsbane | Extremophile | Creation | Cronus and Zeus | A Game of Sorts |

Diary of the Forgotten Man

It's been one full week now
I've suffered amnesia.
Strangers step up to me on crowded corners
and call me by name.
  "Can we talk?"

So much of what we call luck
is caught up in the periphery
more so than from Nosy Parkers
who are by-products of deception
  in this unfortunate sunlight.

On clear bright afternoons
one can hear the hiss
of the sun's surface crackling
solar flares eru...

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Also by D.W. Hamilton:

Sports on TV |


entry picture

Poem 183 of 230:  A BROWN HARE - AUTUMN 2001

    Before an
    At a new
    I did see,
By a stream
Farm and home,
    On a roam,
Stopping there,
    A brown hare.

(C) David Franks 2003 - 

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Puppet Master

Make my eyes turn to sandpaper

Watch me cry my rivers dry

And leave

Me lifeless, gasping for air

Grin at my dying breaths 

And be the wind that makes my lungs

Balloon and burst

I am hanging by the last threads of my heartstrings,

So I beg, do as you will with me.

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Also by M3RK:

Butterflies | Work of Art | In Stone |

The Layers of Age

The Layers of Age


I feel the layers of age as I draw each breath

every movement is a reminder of years past

I am crouched through frailty and surgery

my body aches intermittently with each twist and turn

Life is slowing down quite perceptibly

but I worry not about this inevitable process

My mind and soul are still invigored

temptation still attracts carnal desires


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Also by keith jeffries:

A New Love | Shake off the Dust | Nothing is Lost |


entry picture

When the one in front, hates you,

try to entrap you in every trap sew.

Is cruel, greedy and selfish bimbo,

Will you take the plunge in limbo?

Will you go against the waters new?

Can you love them, despite they hate you?

They fool you by being good in front,

but at the back, you know the venom grunt.

Arrogant, fraud, swindellers they are,

taking all your peace so far.


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Ruth Bader Ginsburg

She was the woman that fought for the nameless
She was an icon too many
She was a trailblazer
She may not be here anymore
She should always be remembered 
She fought for equal rights
She was the Notorious RBG

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Also by Damon Blackery:

Firefly Truth? | Life Story | Soy Sauce Flavor | Boys | The End Soon | No Smoking In The Coffee Shop | Light By Death | Words of The Waiting Man 35 | Attachment Anxiety |

Life’s riddle

Thoughts being to swirl deep within. Subconsciously my thoughts work endlessly, collecting stray fragments of information hoping to unlock part of a riddle. 


All the while I lay in bed half awake and half asleep. 

On the surface my train of thought seems non existent.

unable to focus or so I believe the truth is my mental capacity has reached its limit within me. 

My daily routine...

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Also by Michael Rios:

Self Control |


There are many mysteries and questions about the Bible

It's hard to know where to begin

Starting with the pictures of Adam and Eve

Why have belly buttons drawn in

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Also by Joe Marcello:


The Horsemen of The North

Riding the clouds of the turbulent skies -

clamourous hooves are your gathering voice,

mingling fast with your ominous cries -

thunder and lightning's your music of choice;

even in battle your honour not dies -

but in the land of the dead will rejoice.


Melded your flesh with the armour's cold metal,

skeletal features are twisted like sinew;

muffled the winds that the t...

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the horsemen of the north poem christopher laverty

Keep In Mind

entry picture

You have to move forward in the world 

 Because no one else will

 Keep pushing yourself or time will remain still

Make efforts to get where you want to be

It’s not hard, all you have to do is believe


It won’t take just words, you need action

In life, doing nothing won’t have a reaction

All opportunities will pass by if you waste your time

You’re on a path to you futur...

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Also by Kiba Williams:

Lovely Maiden | DejaVu | One and only Friend |

#poetry #motivation #inspirational

Seduction Unleashed

entry picture

Mesmerizing she looked in that yellow attire

Captivating my heart she translated into a desire

My eyes were glued to her chiseled shape

Such were her curves that I felt seduction…

Bewitched I remained testimony to her youthful charm!


Those rosy lips of hers showcased a favor

Whatever she spoke looked like a flavor

All through my thoughts I kept thinking

Peeping at her,...

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Also by Neilkanth:

Incestuous Mind! | Ode To A Naughty Teacher |

beautiful womansexyyellow


entry picture


(For John Lewis 1940-2020)


When Dr King led the March on Washington in 1963

You were the youngest leader to address the crowd

And you died the last remaining speaker,

Eighty years old with strength and individuality

Acquired slowly and painfully;

The still visible baton scars

From freedom bus rides

And other peaceful protests

Prove it.


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american history xpoetry

Inconsequential Madness

Fires seething, breathing, spewing forth
Molten vulgarities unto this earth,

Feeding on the despair and indifference of
A society that has rid itself of all those things
Which are true and good,

Nothing is intolerable anymore, for the flames
Have consumed all, beggar and borrower alike,
And smothered nature's sight,

For the heart which cannot see shall be mute to
All that could open...

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Also by E-Rock:

Again | How It Ends | Love Lost | Cutting the Strings |



Whipped by a raging virus.

You could have contained it.

Weeping for America.

Today the virus is forgotten.

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Also by Sally Clearwater:

Gone |

Broken Masonry

entry picture


Not for me another love

like choking fear

It will not budge

I dare not blink

for it now seems

by choosing drink

I dwell in dreams

I grind to bits

my words and teeth

when searching through

my history:

to lift above

what lay beneath

all that broken masonry.


words and foto T Carrolly


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The five, physical senses of animals:

Sound, sight, smell, touch, taste,

Excite fight or flight

For survival of the individual and the pack.

Or they invite association, sexual mating,

For continuance of the species.


We humans with our superior brains

Take our senses well beyond the physical

Into the broad sphere of emotion,

Which we call our 'feelings',


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entry picture

You know that song by John Lennon whatver gets you thru the night well this small story tells of a good little creature  that helps me get through these  almost apocalyptic days and nights.


I'll never forget the day I got mi cat, they let her out the little carry box and she walked on my coffee table, then she wondered off so casual like an estate agent checking out my flat. Into every roo...

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Also by Shaun Fallows:


catscopingfriendship stories

Going where the water flows

I'm not going to be the one who fix it this time
Or try to keep it together
I'm not going to be the cause of more problems
Or try to break it apart
I'll let it just be the way it is
And if you want it this way lets stay this way
You do you
And I'll be me

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as if
not here

on page


vanished in
air thin
like the wind

the eye

land of

back from

yellow brick
paper gold



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Also by cindylee loucks:



Putting Out the Lamp

Putting Out the Lamp


In the dusk of early evening, one day,

I awakened from a belated nap,

And came to find nobody back home yet,

Only the wall-lamp flickering away.


I, the child, quickly getting quailed,

Started to run away from the dark haunted place,

But soon stopped for looking backward

For some reasons I couldn't quite understand.


Probably it was the ...

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"Dry Season"

"Dry Season"

Season of crimson blossoms,
Nature sprouts in seconds,
Signs of a shriveled harvest.

Happiness like a stone,
Is tossed into an ocean,
How do we begin to break the kernel of our silence?
Or find a costume that fits this madness.

Going forward a pit lies ahead,
Returning is a walk through the shadow of death,
So we stand shivering
Like a crucify on the neck of a hanged ...

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Fixated Threats

We’ve journeyed down to short-sleeved Chertsey

for my sister-in-law’s 60th birthday.

Get there early, 7.30, suitably thirsty,

knowing few of these middle-class, middle-aged bodies,  

I’m wondering how I shall get my jollies,

take a leap of faith, and I’m exchanging volleys

with this bald-headed guy, big scar on his forehead.

We’ve talked of favourite bands and beers,

now we...

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Also by penguin:

Fake News |

Work Horses

entry picture

The clanking compound of the brewery

– where Dad did casual shifts,

when building work was scarce –

is buried now beneath the floors

of a multi-storey car park

and chat that drifts across

from cappuccino pavements.


Born to a scant inheritance

of rushy Sligo acres, my dad was bred

like his brothers to follow the work,

sending remittances home

from London, Readi...

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Also by David Cooke:

Ascendants | (untitled) |

the birds when the fly from the trees

noise maddening      cracked turquoise
or thoughts           birds with
wings threading light                  high
dark air waving on the breaks
between exits.

the mortal colours drifting with each leap
the blurs a thousand lives gambled. 

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Also by Kealan Coady:

The Right Shadow |


entry picture

With every flicker
There lies a silent note ..
Of a spark 
That will ignite the hope..
Of dreams fulfilled..
Of promises sealed..
Of lives beginnings..
Of sweet endings..
Of aspirations taking wings..
Of twilight that now makes you sing..
The golden ray, bleak as it may be ..
Radiates  in itself..
A sign of life..
Waiting for that surge of power..
To ultimately light up the tower..

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Also by Shrawani Sen:

My Furry Friend |

Ignorant to society

entry picture

Our ignorance makes colour just an illusion

We latch onto black and white for vision

Purifying our naivety, protecting our fears

Whether it be blood, sweat, or tears; no trace can be found

Recognition is the key to unearth beyond our judgemental lines.

We deny ourselves the truth, yet believe in immortality.


Observing a bag soar through the wind

Can you feel its freedom?


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Skeleton in her Closet

sometimes I feel like a ghost in the room

a passerby on your commute 

a pawn in your scheme 

I wish I really knew who you were 

what you like about me 

and why 

what you liked about him 

and how I can make your thoughts only be of me

and if my time will be up soon 

what happens when even a ghost is no longer needed 

and when did I go wrong 

what do I love about you...

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There she was sitting in her chair

The passage of time seen in her gray hair

She sits not in a chair on a throne of honor


Tea cookies and lemonade the silent child ate

Cookies salty-sweet this is how she will grow to be

Lemonade just enough tart you can see it from her heart


Words of wisdom in a melodious feminine tone

Encouraging us to rise up and tell me ...

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Also by Thomas Dooley:


CookiesdreamsEncouraginginspirationLemonadeMaya AngelouPoetry 2020

Dream Triptych

entry picture

I - Trains

I pass the Sunday gardens,

keeping vigil by narrow factory aisle,

summoning auburn sky and smoke-salt;

then trace the river to its end

to wait, empty-handed on pebbled beach.

The blue sky rips, wallpaper,

with trumpets and cymbals, and bodies

bullet-sped 'cross countless arches.

There I am with you,

the outside world a postbox slit, as

we brace the walls


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Desperation Road


Desperation Road


It's lined with naked branches whipped thin by the howling of gales,

From its mouthing of spittle to unforgettable, unforgivable contempt,

Shouting longing and loud at losing bets, the torn up ticket fails

To subdue the call of next time, the next day; gathering, crowding, rent


By Metropolitan Police on horseback, pale geldings rear in fright,

a ri...

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Also by Chris Hubbard:

Desperation Road |


entry picture

The ocean calms me
envelopes me
supports me when I need to sail
Powerfully, it won’t hesitate
to remind me of my place
or comfort me when I fail

Its waves sing along in time
mirroring my mood
or challenging me to improve
We laugh in the shallows
or toil through the depths
almost always perfectly in step

Every day is beautiful
a work of heart 
and trying...

The muse of my life;...

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Also by Tom Alexander:

Bury Me At Sea | Ghost Café |


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