Climate Change (and us?)


The planet turns, the planet turns;

The adults fiddle while Rome burns.

And children yet to be conceived

Have every right to feel aggrieved.


And us? We tiptoe through the mines

And join the back of frantic lines

In shirtsleeved January sales,

Pursued by ever-warming gales.


Exhausts and power stations spout

Unheeded warnings all about.

But politicians must pretend

That nothing need change in the end.


And us? We like to say we care,

But still demand our swollen share

Of space and luxuries consumed.

If we go on like this, we’re doomed.


The strongmen plan to reach their goal

By felling trees and burning coal.

This fragile membrane’s tinderbox

Reverberates with ticking clocks.


And us? Our thirst for wealth and stuff

Will decimate this world enough

To make sure nothing will remain.

And there’s no time to start again.


As long as opportunist suits

Crush progress with size fifteen boots,

The sole repositories of truth

Are howls of idealistic youth.

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Alem Hailu G/Kristos

Wed 30th Sep 2020 18:44

We have to be stewards of the environment. Picturesque!

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Shifa Maqba

Sat 26th Sep 2020 17:40

A very important read!

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Stephen Gospage

Sat 26th Sep 2020 16:53

Thank you for your comments, John and M.C. This is such an important issue that I feel I have to do something, and in this case 'something' was writing this poem. Greta Thunberg may sound a bit strident at times ('How dare you') but she has helped energise many young people. Democratic politicians have to square the circle and convince the population as a whole that more action has to be taken over the next decade.
As you suggest, M.C., humanity can find the solutions to fix these problems, and I believe it will, unless voters turn to cranks who deny that there is a problem in the first place. So persuasion is the key, I suppose.

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John Coopey

Sat 26th Sep 2020 12:22

Well said, Stephen. The pity is that so many of our generation feel the need to ridicule the young (and one little girl in particular). Perhaps they don’t have children or grandchildren; or, if they do, they don’t care what world we leave them.

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M.C. Newberry

Fri 25th Sep 2020 18:28

I wonder in a deadpan sort of way whether any generation down
the centuries has ever wrung their hands about the future of the
unborn let alone the unconceived. I take comfort from the fact that
humanity alone has the ability to face the foreseen and take steps
to address its dangers - real or imagined. Interesting now that this has been magnified by the arrival of global media - as if for every
time there comes a means of addressing (combating?) the risks presented. Just as long as we manage to keep one step ahead!! 😐

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Stephen Gospage

Fri 25th Sep 2020 15:25

Paul, your kind words and comments are really appreciated. Yes, something is changing and one has the feeling that the effects of climate change are speeding up. I think that there is still time to turn things round but we do not have long. Abdul and Flavia, thanks for your comments and thank you to everyone for the likes (this is beginning to sound like the Oscars!).

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Flavia Gordon

Thu 24th Sep 2020 22:15

I whole heartedly agree with what Abdul said.
Thanks for sharing Stephen.

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Abdul Ahmad

Thu 24th Sep 2020 21:11

A gorgeous hymn decrying the plight of our endangered planet. I pray that those given dominion over the earths safety soon wake up and start to care for it.

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Paul Sayer

Thu 24th Sep 2020 17:58

OMG! This is brilliant Stephen.

The times they certainly ARE a changin.

So is the climate changing?

Err. Say What?

Half the world on fire the other half underwater and the other half in severe drought.

The sums just don't quite add up, do they?

Something is afoot, and it ain't looking good.

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