Life’s riddle

Thoughts being to swirl deep within. Subconsciously my thoughts work endlessly, collecting stray fragments of information hoping to unlock part of a riddle. 


All the while I lay in bed half awake and half asleep. 

On the surface my train of thought seems non existent.

unable to focus or so I believe the truth is my mental capacity has reached its limit within me. 

My daily routine continues little or no thought is needed actually.

My body repeats everything that was done the day before you see. 


When the day is finished it’s time to rest. 

The body shuts down but the mind keeps working. 

We are unaware it’s focused on that which answers don’t really exists. Unless you realize the problem you’re trying to fix cant be solved. 

You’ll never be able to fully rest. Accepting that this life is full of questions which have no real answer’s, will allow your mind to abandon those thoughts that keep you awake at night. 


It’s alright to say I don’t know that could very well be the only correct answer to the riddle.


?problem solved

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