Imposter Begets Imposter?

Who am I

why do I

when will I

where can I

Answers elude

My identity un-formed and crude


Mother pretends

The show never ends

Until the curtain is drawn 

All the doors are closed and simulations suspend


I don't know who I am

Give anything to be sure

Stand firm in my convictions 

On both sides of the door


No duplicity here

All masks removed

No imposters allowed

Authenticity approved 

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Flavia Gordon

Tue 8th Sep 2020 03:53

Vautaw and Stephen, thanks for reading and liking.xx

It is a new sensation for me actually sharing my poems and such a thrill having them being read and appreciated.

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Paul Sayer

Sun 6th Sep 2020 14:30

There is an immutable spirit law Flavia.

"Like attracts like"

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Flavia Gordon

Sun 6th Sep 2020 14:26

You have my gratitude Paul.
Thanking the universe for allowing our souls to cross paths.x

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Paul Sayer

Sun 6th Sep 2020 08:40

What we 'do' is far more important than who we are... or were!

More insight and retrospection from a soul who cares

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