A fight to survive

Seeing the beautiful sky,

From my dead eyes.

Wondering the beauty in the holy night,

Dark was the only colour which helps me to hide.


Hiding my sadness my sorrows my fear my cries,

Trying my best to keep the face with smile.

My hobbies,my joy, my emotions were becoming day by day a bit fewer,

Now I am just existing in the world, can't even face myself in the mirror.


Facing the sea, can't find any person at coast,

'Help' is the word I wanted to say the most.

Forgetting that someone *(Me) was always by my side,

But that person was the one, whom I have to fight. 

anxietydarkdepressionfearfighthatehelplesshelplessnessnightovercomeself destructionself harmself hate

◄ Mirror of perception

सफरनामा। ►


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Bhavesh Ahalani

Mon 7th Sep 2020 19:34

Thanks for taking the time to read this piece,
This comment is the best I have ever received.

Thanks you Paul

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Paul Sayer

Mon 7th Sep 2020 19:21

The tide will turn
then you'll learn
the bottle tossed
upon the wave
returns to those
who hope held brave
uncork the message
wise old sage
and stand proud and true
at centre stage.

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