Holding On

For so long I stayed,

I wonder is it worth it?

It seems not at all.

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Tired of Waiting

It has been a while

Wind of change have yet to come

Will it ever come? 

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Argument with a Fool

He seeks no answer

Yet he asks to seek a fight

It's just not worth it

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When the Storm is Over

The sun comes shinning

Golden rays filling the sky

Lighting up the dark

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Stormy Day

Raging breeze of wind

Slashing through the horizon

Darkness fills the sky

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stormdark cloudsstormy

Stuck in a Rut

Losing track of days

Everyday's like any day

Waiting for a chance

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stuck in a rutstuckhopelessness

Rainy Day

The sun went hiding

Behind the dark lump of clouds

The sky starts crying

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rainrainy day

When Things Go Wrong

Everything goes south,

Pours like rain to no avail,

Waiting for the sun

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Funny how time goes by

It goes fast and slow at once

But it never stops

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time passestimeslow and fast


Walking aimlessly

Towards some places unknown

'Til I'm home at last

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lostfinding yourselflife purposehaiku

The Pandemic

The world has gone from worse to worst
With people dying left and right
We know the cause but what's the cost
A dying race from an embrace
We hope that cure will come for sure
And see that worst will come to pass

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Endless Cycle

Seasons come and past

Life is drained before it springs

To start life anew

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Funny how the hands of fate works
Those who beat the weak ones -  it marks
In subtle ways it humbles them
Worst than the ones they beat - they're damned

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I had my eyes shut

But I couldn't sleep at all

Guess I'm going nuts

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In Denial

I keep on denying

Thought it feels like lying

Well aware this is wrong

Can’t hold it for too long

Makes me weaker by the day

Every time I step away

Find myself coming back for more

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The more I resist

Insisting that this is wrong

The more it persists

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Uncertainly Certain

In each passing day

I am, little by little,

Falling fast for you


I am oblivious

of utterly obvious wrong

I've fallen for you


And into your hands

My heart and mind, my person,

To you I offer


But  I understand

This is nothing but a dream

My mind's creation


Confused and puzzled

Would it not be possible

To remain this way


However, a...

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Rainy Day

Water pouring down the sky
Cold wind blows through the window
Can't help wonder why just now
Now that I feel like crying
It went crying out with me

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Heaven in Hell

I was then a lonely boy with no friends or family

I was too afraid to say anything and thinking that

everyone knows what I know, sees what I see, no one cares

It felt like I was but a mouse that’s caught up in a trap

With nowhere else to go, and had nobody there who cares

Then comes the day you opened up the door and let me in

That day I'll not forget, the day I found my family


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Stuck at the point where paths did cross
Cannot decide which way to go
Afraid of whatever's ahead
Look forward to the chance instead
What's there to lose if you take chance
It would not hurt if you did glance
It's true that anything can go
Would it not hurt if you'd just go
Look back if it would do you good
But know you can't go back for good
You've gone so far from where you're from

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As you walk by the path of life

There'll come a time you'll know not why

You'll find a place where paths will cross

Yet you'll know not which one to take

Each leads to places you've never been

You'll only know if you have seen

Yet if you do you'd never know

Where the other might have led to

If you refuse to make your choice

You'll never be where you must be

Know that ...

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There can be times when you can't see

There will be times you'd thought you saw

But mind what make life beautiful,

Is that you're never really in control.

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Along the long and winding road

You’ll reach a spot where paths will cross

There you know not where to go

For either leads to unfamiliar ground

You’ll never know where they may lead

Unless you choose to follow it

But know that you may never know

Where the other could have taken you.

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Dear Doubtful

When you don’t know who to trust

And everyone feels so far away from you

Don’t let heavy thoughts force their way out of you

Hold still and don’t break down.


Among the crowd you’re not alone

Don’t break though tired of the deceit

Just look around and you will see

The lies you see are made by you


Don’t put the blame on anyone

You have a choice on what to see


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Wished to drive away the summer's heat

Did not expect it to come quick

Not once did it cross my mind

Be careful with whatever you wished for


Forgot to ask how it should be

Forgot to bring what I should bring

It came too quick, I'm unprepared

Now I'm not sure what I must say


Be careful with whatever you wish for

And be precise with what it is

For it may come ...

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I thought I saw what I just saw

On second thought, what if I didn't?

What have I missed with that one glimpse

Or have I not have seen at all?

I thought I saw but I did not

Been fooled by me, myself, and I.

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Since then I’m asking why?

Why do we have to work today?

You’re asking for efficiency

Ironically, you make us come to work

When there isn’t any work to do.

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Can't Sleep

It's 12am
Yet I can't sleep
What must I do?
I ask myself.
I have to wake before the sun
Yes I'm awake but will I be
Until the moon awakes.

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He walks so confident among the crowd

Smiling and greeting everyone he meets

While everyone smiles back at him, but then

Behind his back their smiles would turn to smirks

Before him, everyone seems fond of him

Behind him, everyone makes fun of him

The day had come for him to know the truth

He realized that he was all alone

That he stopped caring for them, from then on


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Today I woke up like I should've not

Wishing, hoping that it's but a dream

To my dismay it's not at all...

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Wherever we may go

Whatever we may do

We’ll still come back each day

At the end of the day

It won’t mind if we’ve won

It won’t mind if we’ve lost

It only cares for one thing

Whether or not we’re safe

At the end of it all

All that really matters

Is whether we’re okay

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Chose to die for us

offered Yourself on the cross

despite what we've done.

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There are just things we just can’t say

For we might end misunderstood

As people judge us by the day

Don’t give a damn cause it’s no good

What would have been if you insist?

What difference would it have made?

They’d still be judging – won’t desist

Don’t be afraid, do not be swayed

Just go all out, do not hold back

For you might never have a chance.

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Passion and Determination

If you want something be prepared

For wanting it is just one thing

But to have it you must be warned

You must exchange it with something

The price to pay is not a joke

Be aware it would not be cheap

Be prepared that you might get broke

If you’re not ready then go chip

But if you are remember this

Do not forget, do not dismiss

A seed that have been sown on ground


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A seed that’s sown on the ground

Will slowly break down

To take the form of a tree.

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I woke at three am today
I thought that I was on a train
An empty car where I'm alone
I tried to peep at the next car
And saw some people that I know
Dead or alive, I saw them live
Sending chills up and down my spine
Now found myself inside my room
I'm sure now it was just a dream.

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I had a choice which I didn’t make

Along the way I tried to shake

Forget that I didn’t make a choice

Tried not to hear that little voice

Inside my head it’s telling me

I can’t evade what it should be

That not to choose is still a choice

In endless cycle says the voice

Ignoring it with all my might

Kept going on through day and night

Now I am lost I had to ask,


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Scribbling out of nothing

Hoping to make something

A thing that would make change

A change that would arrange

The cluttered mind I have

A mind that is halve

With choices to be made

That I cannot evade

With time running fast

I must choose now at last.

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Longing to be found

Out there, somewhere

Someone might find

The way out here

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Problem Solving

You know that there's a problem,

You're staring at it;

Yet ask, "what is the problem?"

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I Was Young

I've seen this gloom that dawned on me
Yet I ignore, chose not to see
With youthful bliss and innocence 
Had faith and hope in hopelessness
I saw yet I chose not to see 
Reasons to leave grew more and more 
Passing by me, yet I ignore
My pride and ego took control
That clouds of gray have shut my eye 
Now I'm at lost I could have die 
As much as I want to re...

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It is so quiet yet so loud

While I sat waiting in my ear

The voices in my head I hear

My mind they fill with so much cloud


As I sat idly for some peace

They're talking to me piece by piece

Yet I still cannot understand

They're talking too loud I can't stand


I need some break please let me be

Buzzing so loud just like a bee

Please let me be and leave me still


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Time so slowly passing by

Mind goes drifting to and from

Lost elsewhere, nowhere to find

Rushing thoughts go passing by

To and from as they go by

Clock goes ticking lullaby

Drifting slowly, helplessly

 Bye for now - I must retire.

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I was Young

I saw with disregard this gloom that dawned on me

With youthful bliss and innocence

I fooled myself to faith and hope in hopelessness

I saw yet I chose not to see


A chance to go came not just once or twice but more

I just ignored them pass me by

Consumed by pride and ego I have just ignore

That clouds of gray have shut my eye


Now here I am at lost with nowhere els...

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