Market Day

Crowded, busy, bustling with smells that delight

The weekly Turkish market is a wonderful sight

Every type of fruit and vegetable, as fresh as a daisy

A variety of pulses and nuts, enough to drive you crazy


Olives small black, garlic stuffed, plump olive green

Ripe, juicy watermelon, the largest I have ever seen

Fresh herbs and dried spices, range from strong to mellow

Stall holders welcoming customers, in Turkish they bellow


Salad leaves, cucumber and every variety of tomatoes

Peeled, polished, red onions and washed white potatoes

Husked corn on the cob alongside dark glossy aubergine

String white beans, hot, spicy chilli peppers, red and green


Freshly cooked Turkish pies, cheese, spinach and meat

Baklava, jams and local honey, like nectar taste so sweet

Ripe figs, apples, pears, oranges, grapes green and black

All perfectly arranged, carefully select from the top of the stack

Next week it will all happen again, every Tuesday is market day

Next week we will be back at our English home, many miles away


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julie callaghan

Wed 9th Sep 2020 20:47

Thanks Greg for the like. yes unfortunately it will probably be Aldi and salad shopping due to the over spending and over eating. But what else are holidays for😁

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Greg Freeman

Wed 9th Sep 2020 10:06

Lovely list poem, Julie! Back to Tesco or Asda next week?

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julie callaghan

Wed 9th Sep 2020 09:41

Thanks for the kind comment, enjoy your breakfast.

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Paul Sayer

Wed 9th Sep 2020 09:02

Why do I feel so hungry this morning?

Great piece of visual poetry full of colour.


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