Alternate Universe

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In another life 

you are mine and I am yours

all is as it should be,

I'm enthralled with you

and you with me.


Just as I am now 

only having eyes for you,

you knowing me

even more than you already do

but without all the boundaries

and our courtship being taboo.


I surrender completely,

you let me in,

joy and possibilities


no prior knowledge of what transpired here;

no restrictions,

no apprehension, 

no fear.


A life comfortable,

undeniably epic,

with palpable passion,

full of love,



Me your cheerleader,

you, my unshakeable support beam,

there's nothing we can't accomplish,

always daring to dream.


Everything we set our minds to is attainable

and exactly what we do

with me in your corner

and you as my beau.







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Flavia Gordon

Wed 23rd Sep 2020 21:49

Thanks for the roses (Stephen)².?

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Flavia Gordon

Wed 23rd Sep 2020 21:44

Thank you Keith! I truly appreciate and welcome your thoughtful comments.


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keith jeffries

Wed 23rd Sep 2020 06:53


A poem which touches on the pinnacle of love. Hold fast to it as it seldom comes so real. Beautiful words.


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