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The Liquid Songs!

The liquid songs of a bird
Create much vibration in my heart,
My body is a stone, black and old-
If she turns down me to hold,
An artificial is my heart and soul
If she ceases her songs as a whole.
I wish her singing all the day,
As a cost my life I must pay,
She is mine I knew since my birth-
& I'll be the same, even beyond the earth. 

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  A Blossom of Colours

The colour has no caste no religion
Just fetterless as a crowned pigeon,
The sun never marks any division
What's red, green, black or saffron.

All the colour is a single entity,
Like the author's artistic creativity;
And upon the asleep city
The moon mirrors itself - the beauty.

The colour is a life of how to live-
Taking a role of a new leaf,
It is a sugarcoated rose you sip
How or...

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Inauguration of Ram Mandir,Ayodhya

RAM is the incarnation of love,
Fill your arid heart with the springs
Of tears.
He is the sword shining in the battleground,
Bend your head upon His feet.
The mind is the vast sea without shore,
Beg Him to have the divine flower.
The lifting wave is His spirit,
Let your sins off into it.
There is no more beauty than the flowers
Have it's said,
But Shree RAM is the beauty of all

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