Beauty in Ugliness

We believe in good things easily

But hard to confide in bad ones,

(Beauty tells us the jovial story

But often it throws the dark rays

Into our smiling face.)


We know if the flowers

Bloom, they must give sweet fragrance

To the air, but we often forget

Some are odorless. Some flowers which

Bloom beyond our vision are full

Of sweet nectar but we don't care of them.


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Life, the Thrill of Infatuation


What you had yesterday that
I have today and what
I have today 
That must be yours tomorrow. 
We have been made
Solely to perform on stage
 In well and woe. 
Just think...
What if we were not born?
We'd not feel the 
Gentle touch of mother, 
The sweet
Fragrance of flower, 
The appearance
Of the sun,
The delectable call of fountain, 
And the taste
Of our paradisiacal earth.

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real life

The Song of Beauty

A slice of smile
Can cast thousand lights
Over the shadow
Of snow-clad pain,
The budding blossom of
Happiness is the smile
Where heart and mind
Compose the songs together
Sitting under the flowering tree and
If the song of beauty is written once,
Smile is everywhere! Happiness is everywhere!

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capture beauty

Mother, My Muse!

Sometimes I feel

I am alone,

None is there

But when I look at

The blooming lotus,

I feel I am among thousand

Happiness and

I am sparkled with


This lotus is my mother:

My muse!

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Religion of Water

One day I took some water from a pond and

Let them go with a nearby river:

The river accepted them to

Their long journey together;

Some water I drew from the well and

Drove them to the same river:

The river accepted again without resistance.

After that I filled a bucket with rainwater and

Released them into the river:

The river agreed to move together.

The rive...

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What a Mother Really Is!

‘Ma’- the word sounds very little but

The world has not enough words to describe a mother.

 A mother is born affectionate.

The moon that had been illuminating the earth for so long,

It hid the face after mother was being created.

When a mother smiles, it seems as if the falling

Fountain makes a song of peace.

A mother is the garnish of life.

Life except mother is the ...

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Dancing of Earth

When spring arrives,
A group of flowers enjoy
Their countenance and
As the day grows older
They lose their incandescent looks.
If they could know the collapse
Before the begetting,
I hope they'd remain unborn.

A child was obsessed with
Playing her dolls,
Fortuitously a wooden wife
Fell on, mother said:
'The earth is dancing',
The child took it in a wrong way,
Her body was found

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Death row

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