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Story Time

I wander in circles 

Lost among the vast reaches 

Of space 

Inside my own head

I search for the answers 

So many times 

Nearly finding a clue 

Some answer

That may point me 

To my next destination 

I fear I'll never find my way 

I know my purpose 

But without guidance 

How am I to know 

How best to serve 

And where I am needed?

I hear the lost souls ...

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Among Eternity

Laying here

Curled in a ball

In the darkness

And silence

I hear whispers

Somebody calling my name

It is you

I know it is you

I am right here

But you can't hear me

My echo doesn't reach

My cries goes unheard

Passersby momentarily stare

Before moving on

I'll be okay

I'll find my strength one day

And then I'll find you

And if you would have me


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Adventure awaits us

Down some long dirt road

I could get lost in those eyes

And you'd find me every time

In your heart, one of many places

That I can call home

And I'll share with you 

The warmth of my soul 

Come sit by my fire 

I'll tell you stories through time 

Of the universe

Of its mysteries 

And all the love 

That keeps us connected

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My Flame

A gleaming light

A sign of hope

Right when I was reaching

The end of my rope

I found the strength

To climb again

Through the burns and bruises

And the bleeding

With you on my mind

It all gets easier

My heart feels lighter

I feel the fire burning

But it's no torture

This is motivation


This love is my flame

I'll hold it in my heart

And s...

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Balance Through Darkness

Hold your breath

And submerge yourself in the darkness

Don't let it get a hold of you

Meditate upon on it

Understand it's importance

And where it comes from

Anger is an incredible sword

Put it to good use

May it be used to slash through

All the Sorrow and Fear

And emerge stronger

Fight with the darkness

To bring back the light

And clear up the clouds


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How cruel 

I need to escape

This fate is maddening

Far out of reach

But just enough contact

To grow an artery

A lifeline

A distant bond

Oh, of all the beautiful souls

That I come across

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Speak to Me

Speak to me 

I can feel your heart all over mine 

Climbing through my nerves

Driving me crazy 

You must be

A master in this realm

You've got me aching


Needing you close to me

You lightly tug at my heart strings

Like the softest strumming

Of an acoustic guitar

You've really left a mark

But not a scar

No pain here

More like an inked drawing of a ...

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A Moment of Serenity


What a feeling 



Like blades of grass 

With morning dew

Glistening in the rising sun

A few leaves falling 

Tall grass swaying

Like seaweed 

In peaceful reverie

Just simply 


Such beauty to behold

Bustling humans 

So busy 

Distracted by their dramas and politics 

Remember to take a moment 

Take a breath 

And sway with l...

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I'd like to trace my fingertips across your back
Find those points of tension
And soften the pain
I'd like to run my fingers up your neck
Through your hair
As I look deep
Into those lovely luminescent eyes
I want you to release your emotions
Like an electrical pulse
Let me feel it through my skin
Right through, into my nerves
I want to feel your heart beat against mine
In absolute euph...

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You have this
About you
And not only
Does it pull me in
But like the Sun
It provides me with Light
Light that guides me
That shows me
Where to find Happiness within
It glows
I feel your warmth
Do you feel me too?

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The Calm

Overburdened with such emotion 

They all seem to spill out through my eyes 

Straight from my heart 




All of my bodily aches

And yet 

You calm them 

And you call out the joy 

And it alone 

Brings tranquillity 


To all the chaos 

Thank you 

If only I could return the favour 

I send my gratitude 

And all of my love

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Overwhelming Light

Such lightness
Like somebody took all of the darkness
And cast it into the Sun
I know I'll have to resume carrying it once again
But for now I rest
This overwhelming joy I feel
Like my light is so bright
It could outshine the darkest darkness
At least I hope
If I could only share it
With the world
Or with you
And take away all of your pain
If you would
Or if y...

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Like an electrical storm
You shock me to my core
You rattle my foundations
Make me feel like so much more
I can't describe the sheer
overwhelming feel of joy
Like you're the most amazing woman
And I am but a boy
You cloud my head with thoughts
That makes the darkness disappear
But the spark I feel between us
Makes me numb to all my fears
I could spend my whole life
Or just a minute of...

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Let me be your oxygen 

Breathe me deep into your chest 

I'll let you take me whole 

It seems our spirits do know best 

Take this beating heart of mine 

It's yours to keep, my dear 

I'll share with you my strength 

So you can fight away your fears 

Let's scream into the thunderstorm

Show it all that we can do 

No storm would ever take apart 

This love I hold for you

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Struck by an arrow
Straight to the heart
By such a gentle soul
With a playful spirit
But there is no site of injury
No blood to be seen
No sign of a wound
But what is this feeling?
The child in me wants to play
I feel so much energy and vitality
Like I'm alive again
What a feeling

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Inhale, Exhale



Close your eyes 

Lying down in a forest 

Deep within the mountains 

So tranquil

Birds chirping 

Leaves blowing in a light breeze

You move your hand 

And find another 

Intertwine fingers 

Feel their pulse  

Synchronize in spirit 

Become one 

Tangled in passionate ecstasy 

Senses heightened

Emotions amplified 

Relax the body 


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Just below the surface

Not close enough to breach

Running out of oxygen

My arms, they will not reach

I'm dying, and not a soul alive

Can hear me scream

I awake, heart pounding in my chest

My luck, it was a dream

Relax, deep breath in, and out

No need to stress

It was a figment of my wild

Imaginative mind, no more, no less

Reality sets in fast

And all the stru...

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Heart to Share

I still feel you

Every now and then

Hard not to

You changed me in so many ways

And in the end

I broke my own heart

To be certain

I would never lose you

Because it was easier

Easier than possibly losing you

But I didn't know

The pain it would cause

The years of torment

I became what I thought to be

Your protector

But that only wore me down

Eventually ...

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I can see you, even from so far away
I feel your presence in my heart
You keep me warm at night, with all of your love
And you hold me together when I'm falling apart
I only hope you feel me, and I truly mean this
I hope you know that I'm sending you all of my thoughts
It's a deep understanding, this wisdom we've gained
Has come from the countless battles we've fought
I hear you calling my...

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The Battles We Face

A constant battle with my emotions
Winning, losing, trying to find myself
All of the ups and downs have beaten me, broken me
Living in a dark place, my own personal hell
Yet, I nurture my spirit- I've given so much time
Working toward rebuilding this broken home
And I know in my heart that we all face these battles
And I understand deeply, that we are never truly alone

We all struggle, w...

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To me, the most beautiful sight

Is when I see the spark within you 

Burst into a wildfire, igniting your light

A spiritual dance of passion and virtue

In these precious moments when you come alive

I truly see you for all the good you can be

I believe with all my heart that you have the drive

Just open your heart, and then you will see

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Falling upwards, yes, up to the stars

A feeling almost like resurfacing for air

So close I could almost reach out and touch 

The heavens above that tease me, so unfair

Just out of reach, I dwell in this space

In a euphoric state of acceptance and grace

Alone on my path, I choose my own destiny

I carry my burdens and walk at my own chosen pace

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Be Kind

We do not live terribly long, so be kind,

Go without regret, and leave the past behind

In time, you'll find your wings and fly

So come to your senses, and lose your mind

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One Light, Many Lamps

I caught a glimpse of the sun's light 

And it was incredible 

It blinded me with its wisdom 

I just wish it was edible

For the truth I have laid my eyes upon

I may never unsee

Though only one lights our world

There are countless suns in the galaxy

One light, many lamps

Scattered across the universe

One journey, many paths

And so many possible trails to traverse

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Empty Room

I'm here, in this dark room
I've locked the door so that I can be alone
And dwell on my past, and soak in the misery
I'm here so that I can scream
and nobody will hear me
Because I need to release
But I am far too independent
To ask for an ear
And so I wait for a moment
When I can blow off some steam
And calm the thoughts
That fill me with anxiety

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Self Harm

Do not bring any more harm to yourself
I'm here, I've come to ease the discomfort
No more unnecessary pain
I'll hold you close, and bring an end to the hurt
I can see this has gone on for quite some time
And I ask you- why must you suffer alone?
But you push me away, unwilling to love
With your blood cold as ice, and your heart made of stone

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Words to Share

If I have any wisdom to share
Based on my experiences
I would say to spend more time being happy
It's no use being angry all the time
Put down those grudges, let them go
There is absolutely no purpose
In carrying weight that does not make you any stronger
Make somebody laugh
Brighten their day
Maybe you'll find that, in doing so,
Your day also gets a little brighter

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Lost Puppy

You are such a lost puppy

You keep attaching to every little bit of affection you receive

How pathetic 

It's no wonder why they think so little of you

Have a little self respect

You could be so much more than this

If only you could see past your own mistakes

It seems you didn't learn anything

Stuck in the same cycle

Bound to repeat this pattern for eternity

You poor s...

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Work Ethic

The screaming of silent voices
That do not reach my lips
While the tears that I try so hard to hide
Well up, and pour out
Not unlike a small stream of water
What a pittance
Is this all I am worth?
My heart screams at me to go easy
But my conscious mind tells me to ignore
I'm stuck, bound by chains
To the ethic I have built myself upon
This altar
To a broken human
That knows nothing bu...

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Words of Wisdom

I made a promise once, long ago
That I'd always stand by your side
Protect you 'til death, wherever you go
But this life has been one hell of a ride
Once seen as Gods, Creators, and Kings
So determined we were to show them the Truth
But all that they wanted was to grow their own wings
Unfortunate, this trait that we've had since our youth
We may not share the gifts we were given, I explain...

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I'm Struggling

Oh my goodness

How the depression sets in

As I lay here

Curled up in bed sheets


Trying to find my way back

But the anxiety taunts me

Teases me

Tears me apart from the inside

Please make it stop

I don't want to hurt anymore

I just miss my friends

I just miss

Just miss everything

Why did I waste away my past in anger?

Why did I have to be so antiso...

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Pain, suffering, and blood-red tears
God knows why I'm in such pain
I can't bear to face my fears
My skin, discoloured from the bloodstains
I hurt, I beg you, end this madness
The misery, I can't take it anymore
The lost love, heartbreak, and sadness
I'm splitting, breaking, shattered and torn
Release me, I swear, I'll find my way back
To the light that you showed me long ago
But I need ...

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Spread Your Wings

Spread your wings, my love
I want to see you fly
Shine your light upon the world
But don't be afraid to cry
One day You'll find a way
To shift the paradigm
Of these mortal beings
Stuck in the drama of their time
One day, they'll see what We see
But for now, you need to listen within
Follow wherever your spirit takes you
Deep breath, release, and take it all in
My love, you are a miracl...

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A blank piece of paper
For anything to be created
And on it, my life was written
But what if I'm the one he hated?
Had he cursed me with my birth
To forever bring pain where I go
Or am I just overthinking
It's impossible for even my heart to know
I live for now, in wonder
Not knowing what my true purpose may be
But one day I'll find a reason
Make use of the life he gave me
My creator, ...

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Keep Trying

I'm sorry I failed you,
I just wasn't strong enough
And look where that got us
But please, we have to keep trying
We've got to find a way out
We can't keep letting this happen
Letting them walk all over us
We have to fight back
For the good of everyone
We can't let them win
There is always hope
Hold faith in your heart
And fight back
Together, we can take them on
We will overcome the...

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Bear the Burden

I can bear the burden
even if it breaks me
I will stand against the darkness
even if it takes me
The spirit which I dwell within
Takes well to much abuse
I absorb the pain
And put the energy to use
Feel my emotions as they
burn into your being!
I'll make you change your mind
And question what you're seeing
Be in the moment, here and now
And leave the past behind!
Use the sword, cut t...

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In the Dark

I've lived for so long in the dark
That you blind me with your light
I got so used to the blistering cold
And the quiet lonely nights
Now you've come to give me sight
And save me from this madness,
Yet in my heart I know it's not
But an illusion of my sadness
I yearn for you and all your love,
Your kindness and devotion
I've waited for so many years
I've lost all my emotion
But you and...

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Watching Over

I'll be ever watching over you
Until the end of time
Where you go, my spirit follows
I'm never far behind
I'll keep you safe and out of harm
You're precious in my heart
You keep my spirit playful
You incredible work of art
I love you in everything that you do
You're perfect in your ways
With all your flaws, and broken parts
Your heart is on display

-Okay now I think my writing is getti...

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You're the fuel to my fire
And you've gone and lit the flame
I'm burning with desire
I'm just so glad you came
I can feel your heart beat
It pounds against my chest
And you feel my emotions
As you know me the best
Let's try to calm this blaze
Before we cause any destruction
But first, let's let our hearts burn wild
With all of our seduction

-I don't know why this is such a productive m...

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Stay With It

Some days
I wish
I was never born
Other days
I love myself and everyone
It's hard to remind yourself
To keep at it,
To not give up
It's so hard
Hakuna matata, am I right?
No worries
Don't worry
Don't stress
Please don't stress
Just let it go,
Please let it go
Smile for me,
Now laugh
Just keep swimming
And yes, the past can hurt
But don't run
Learn from it


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Can you feel it?

This heart that beats in my chest

Will always be yours

I hold it on display

For the world to see

But nobody cares

I weep

A thousand years

A thousand lives lived

And yet

We always find each other


You sweet



But you elude me

The time is not right

I live

To die another day

Only to be reborn

And begin my se...

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Between Despair and Courage

Stuck between Despair and Courageous Pride
Between 'help me' and 'let me help you'
Between trying to be the hero
And becoming another victim
But when I rise
Let me just tell you
I do it with such spirit
Such heart
And I seek only to lift spirits
And turn lows into highs
frowns into smiles
I want to see you smile
Smile for me
If you can
Be courageous
I love you

-I know I say 'I ...

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I can feel your energy
It's very powerful
With a hint of sadness
I can see the path you've walked
A much different course than most
The anxious behaviour
It seems
Has led you to be antisocial
To protect yourself from further harm.
If I could sit beside you
I would listen
I bet it's a beautiful story
I would definitely cry
A lot
And when you get to the point
Where we are now
We coul...

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If I could find a way to save your life, I would
I want to be the hero, and I'm trying, my dear
But my sins pushed me far from where I stood
And I'll soon fall off the deep end, I fear
If I can't find my happy thoughts, but wait, I see
In my mind, an incredible beauty to behold
Inside, I find the strength, in my heart, in me
And I open my eyes and stand against the blistering cold
For you,...

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Motivation /DistractedThoughts

Down in the depths of the deep blue sea
Lies my heart- not cold and unforgiving
But rather open, ready to take you in
And keep you comfortable
Well, saing it now, that still sounds creepy
But you know what I mean
I hope
Some days, I am the negative side of the ocean
And you may drown just trying to figure me out
Don't worry
I try my best to leave everybody alone
When I know I am...

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Live Until We Die: Another String of Thoughts

As the sun makes it's way toward the horizon
And the stars begin to speckle the night sky
While we watch in our curious amazement
Not knowing if the sun will ever rise again
But the moon still glows brightly
From the sunlight reflected
And gives us hope for another day
Yet the dark brings out many creatures
Like the ones that bring the wonder
Will we live through the night?
The sun ...

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Love to be Found

There is love to be found in this world so cold
Although it may be tough to embrace
Between the stories time has not told
Beyond the realm of the human race
Into the heart, through spirit and faith
It takes immense strength to achieve
So blind to this world, and all of it's grace
We must look within and believe
Let mysteries unfold as we open our hearts
And remind these young souls of our...

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The Dragon

In an effort to restore the balance of evil and good
I had many battles to face
One in particular which I well understood
Could leave me dead in this very place
The dragon within that I sought to destroy,
I knew not what power he held
For I was a fool, not but a boy
But my faith kept me calm and compelled
In this long-lasting battle, I came to conclude
That I'd never come out alive
For w...

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Underneath my skin, a creature lurks
I try my best to keep it contained
But it scratches and claws at my skin
I can hardly bare the pain
It reeks of guilt and past mistakes
And it's haunted me for years
It won't release it's grip on me
It fills me up with fear
And when it breaks the surface
Just to breathe a little air
I can't control my anger
I start tearing out my hair
It feels like ...

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Fool's Wisdom

Here's some truth, young fool
You're nothing but a speck
A grain of sand just like all the rest
And you may never be more than that
But I'll let you in on a little secret:
While you may be just a speck,
Each and every one holds a deep meaning
And a special place in my heart.
For I have put a piece of me
Into every one of you.
And that leads to the next little secret:
If you can manage t...

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