Maybe Next Time

Maybe next time,

I will get it right, 

put up more of a fight, 

won’t settle,

take control of my life. 

Maybe next time, 

I will find fortune and fame,

learn how to play the game.

Maybe next time,

I will see it through, 

know the right thing to do.

Maybe next time,

you will love me,

as much as I love you. 


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Tue 8th Sep 2020 17:34

How cool you picked up on the reincarnation theme Paul. That is what I was thinking about as I wrote this poem. I wonder if we meet the same souls every time, if we evolve based on previous experiences, if it’s all up to fate, or if our thoughts determine which direction we go. Such a fascinating topic. I’m sure with your unique experiences, you have deep insights. I hope we get the opportunity to discuss it further someday. I am grateful you are here now in this space and time, adding so much engagement and curiosity. Thank you! ??

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