Replacement Parts


I am having all

my parts replaced

new face

new neck

new radiation

gives me a charge

boosts my battery

new spark plugs

new tires

tune me up

I'm ready to go

a brand new man

like Frankenstein

my wheels a bit wobbly


but after that

a holy terror!


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Mon 21st Sep 2020 17:09

😃 Nice one D. I like your comment too. I may have to borrow "holy terror" which sounds like a great potential poem title.

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Tim Ellis

Mon 21st Sep 2020 15:20

I’m getting to an age where I could do with a few of my parts replaced too!


Mon 21st Sep 2020 12:25

I resist the Mob
run and hide
into the the loft of my ideas
they cannot get me now
I escape into my poetry
the tower of
my strength and purpose.

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