(Promise) Land Ahoy

Lost in a sea of thoughts salty with fears
Her arrid eyes void of tears
Adrift, aimless she sailed for years

A tattered raft of determination her only support
On the horizon utopia beckoning
An obliging port

A siren's song, haunting, promising sanctuary
Pulling her in with its ethereal melody

Taunting her hope's
Teasing her dreams
Promising the actuality of possibilities
Through her daughter's eyes have seen

As she moves closer it pulls away
This inviting visage-A stealthy mirage
With her emotion plays

An unattainable goal
As figmented as one's soul.


With all the world's wrathful troubles Lapping at her frail vessel
She longs to sink beneath the waves
And to the bottom settle

Where all is mute and calm
Darkness and pressure holding her tight
Immured, enveloping, unmoving
 Relinquishing all will to fight

Peace and solitude a welcomed state
Cocooned and safe from harm and hate
Imbibed and brined will be her fate

Alas, her longing is fleeting
The mother in her arduously beseeching
Laboriously she paddles
She must continue believing

A sanctuary,
That ever elusive Utopia for her child awaits
A quiet refrain-she whispers earnestly
Her enduring vow
Maybe not now my love
But we'll get there somehow.

determinationhopeJourneyloveMother's Love

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Flavia Gordon

Mon 28th Sep 2020 07:41

Thank you for your continued encouragement and support through your likes and comments Stephen A.💖

Stephen G., and Shifa I am also encouraged by you taking the time to read and like.Thank you!xx

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Flavia Gordon

Mon 28th Sep 2020 07:39

Thank you so much, Paul...Just trying to keep it happy, shiny, and hopeful...reduce the doom and gloom.💓

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Stephen Atkinson

Thu 24th Sep 2020 20:16

Love this Flavia. Great story & imagery created by wonderful words 👏

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Paul Sayer

Thu 24th Sep 2020 18:06

This is such a moving emotive piece of poetry Flavia.

A Mother's love captured as only a loving mother could.

A true poem of hope and strength.


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