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She walks masked, meandering,

unacknowledged through her neighbourhood

Wishing earnestly that she somehow could

share her true self

 remove the make-up painted veneer

she hangs nightly on a shelf

how emancipated she would feel

no longer enslaved within her mind

because of this facade

strangers think her, the vapid kind

no thoughts of value

within her head, you'd find

no reason to approach her

glances fleeting and expertly timed 

no one knows

she was a prodigy

no one knows

the person she'd be

if not for the abuse and the C-ptsd

The world judges and no one cares

no one knows

how tirelessly she works to remain there

isolation doesn't help her plight

locked inside

void of sight

she'll never see

never realize

that her people, her clan are out there

if only she'd open her eyes.


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keith jeffries

Fri 9th Oct 2020 11:13


I echo the words of Paul. It was a super day when you arrived at WOL. Your poetry has an originality, an instant appeal which immediately draws the reader to your work. Continue writing as I believe you have a lot to offer with an immense reservoir of talent.


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Flavia Gordon

Fri 9th Oct 2020 03:35

Tom, Hugh, Vautaw, Jordyn, Stephen(G & A), Abdul and Maria....thank you all for reading and liking❣

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Flavia Gordon

Fri 9th Oct 2020 03:31

Thank you for your heartwarming comment Paul.❤

John F B Tucker, (had to use the full it!)...a most discerning comment. Thank you so much! Greatly appreciated.

Keith, I feel like I have struck gold whenever a poem of mine moves you to comment/offer insight. Always a pleasure. Thank you!

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keith jeffries

Thu 8th Oct 2020 16:24


A courageous poem in the current climate. Many fail to realise that dress codes, walls built to separate serve one purpose which is to de humanise and control us. These sinister forces must be resisted. I often proclaim that when I wake up in the morning I decide what I am going to wear and no one else. Individual freedom is at stake.

An excellent and bold poem and thank you for it.


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Wed 7th Oct 2020 21:11

Because you've got this on the other side of the page, when "she walks meandering / unacknowledged through her neighbourhood," it's like you can feel fear, trepidation, it's like the place is defamiliarised, alien and she's in the unknown. Consequently, I like this poem a lot. Also, thanks for your comment on 'Symmetry Lips' of mine.

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