The cities under siege,

The king unveils his orders,

To birth a dragon, 

And claim victory among the ashes, 


Summon the pyromancers, 

The turncloaks are coming,

This city is my pyre,

To bring forth the legend,


Burn them all! 

Send them to their graves!

Burn them all! 


Burn them all! 

Let the dragon take flight!

Burn them all!


Mad delusions of a broken man,

Stand resolute,

Defend the madness,

As the sane come to take his crown,


This sword,

Glinting with the rubies of the right,

Slashing at pure thought,

As the city grows heated,


Burn them all!

Kill the traitors!

Burn them all!


Burn them all!

The dragon shall fly!

Burn them all!


Salt hits lips,

The heat growing as sweat perspires,

The ruby sword hungers for sanity,

The arm wrestles with madness in hand,


Turn the blade,

Hit home,

Death or glory,

Madness’s hungering maw shall be sated this day,


Burn them all!

Break the snakes!

Burn them all!


Burn them all!

The dragon is triumphant!

Burn the….

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