The violent storm

has uprooted the last tree

standing high above

the hill top.


The singing of

the rustling leaves

is now silenced.


The emerald canopy

has curled into a

dead grey mass.


The eroded hill top

rendered barren

is now unsuitable

for sustaining life.


Sadly the magical

sight of unfurling

of buds and the

melodic sound of the

singing of leaves

shall no longer

be seen or heard

on the hill top again.


The regular visiting

choir of birds

will neither be seen

nor will it be heard

here again.


◄ Fall from grace

Tread gently ►


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Abdul Ahmad

Thu 24th Sep 2020 21:02

Shifa it is always a pleasure to receive your words of wisdom. You have a keen interest in wanting to preserve the strings that holds the earth together. Unfortunately more harm is inflicted by deforestation by humans than storms unleashed by nature.

Thank you for the much appreciated like too.

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Shifa Maqba

Thu 24th Sep 2020 17:04

This poem, in my view, can have several interpretations. But the one that is most obvious to me is witnessing the aftermath of a post ecological-crisis scenario. Whatever the intent maybe, the poem is extremely profound and important. A timeless piece!

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Paul Sayer

Sun 20th Sep 2020 23:16

Nope, I am not going there.

Oh! Ok

Sprinkle a little bat soup at the base of the trunk and retire as fast as your legs will carry you.

I have a great recipe for guano stew

..."Guano is the accumulated excrement of seabirds and bats. As a manure, guano is a highly effective fertilizer due to its exceptionally high content of nitrogen, phosphate, and potassium: key nutrients essential for plant growth."

Oh! and for the new C word.

That's my fun for the day, off to bed now.


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Abdul Ahmad

Sun 20th Sep 2020 22:57

Thank you Paul for your usual generous comments. Fortunately the Covid has no as yet mutated to inflict its venom on plants!
What devastation it would cause if this were to happened.

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Paul Sayer

Sun 20th Sep 2020 22:52

Did it die of Covid?

It is everywhere you know!

I jest!

Another great poem from the sharp mind of a poet that has the eye.


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