Thoughts, feelings, emotions,

Carbon copied,

Wherein doth creation lie?

Veiled by experience.


Every step,

Every patchwork,

Retraced by lost souls,

Is amoeba an answer,


Originality a farce,

All sight captures,

And traces and muddles,

All but mockery,


Wherein doth creation lie?

Oh Vox Populi!

Consume the words like entree,

Dulled to new experience,


Oh Vox Populi!

Entrenched in apathy,

Entombed with submission,

Eternal bedfellows,


Aspects of thine grail,

Seeking to control,

Wherein doth creation lie?

But within our minds.


Seek the new,

Find the cracks and look within,

See the lines and draw outside them,

Therein creation lies.

◄ Cronus and Zeus

Extremophile ►


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