Lazy Day

A quiet day today, catching up on my sleep.
I'm having a lazy day, no promises to keep.
No school runs to make, no shopping to do.
Won't need a mask, no standing in a queue.

As everything today has been put on hold.
Not worried if the weather is windy or cold
Back burner for this, back burner for that.
No telephone calls to make, too tired to chat.

I hear the traffic outside all angry and mean.
Frustrated, rushed drivers all waiting for green.
But today you won't find me behind the wheel.
I'm retired now, and that's how I'd like to feel!


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Mike Bartram

Sun 6th Sep 2020 12:12

Thanks for the likes and nice comment, I took early retirement at 60 , there are days I miss work, but I keep myself busy, too busy at times being everybody's taxi! Hence the Lazy Day!

My main focal point now is writing a new tribute book dedicated to Sir Ken Dodd, this will be my 2nd book in the great mans honour!

I will check that song out, most things are on YouTube these days!

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M.C. Newberry

Sat 5th Sep 2020 17:45

Know just what you mean. Whilst in my own retirement, I find plenty to pursue and enjoy, I'm also reminded of that popular song of
yesteryear - a hit of its time: "Life Get's Teejus" (tedious)" from a certain Slim Dusty that takes a slightly more resigned tone to such
things. It can probably be found on YouTube & likely to raise a smile.

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