A Song of Frigidity and Desire

 Feeling sweet, flying high, you between caramel thighs

Latent passion, burns bright, red hot in the middle of the night

Never grappled with such emotions,  had desire with such devotion 

Thankfully,  rationality quells the ache in the waking hour, logic turns sweet sour

Forbidden thoughts tantalize, it's torment to fantasize 

Futile to take action, never to fruition comes satisfaction  


◄ Palm to Palm, Skin to Skin

Besotted and Loving it! ►


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Flavia Gordon

Wed 23rd Sep 2020 22:01

Every rose is an unexpected pleasure! Thank you Shifa and Stephen.xx

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Flavia Gordon

Wed 23rd Sep 2020 22:00

I am pleased that you like this one Paul. I thoroughly enjoyed writing it.
I await it with bated breath...I hope by then the fear of attachment will have left me and I am open and welcoming to it. ❤

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Paul Sayer

Sun 20th Sep 2020 23:33

Oh! Trust me Flavia, it does and it WILL!

When you least expect it.

Pray for that day.

It is coming.

A superb piece of poetry.

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