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Sell your soul


He’ll reach into your heart

Find all those pieces

Torn apart and bring em back.

The good and the bad

Battling for the surface

Heat like a furnace.


He’ll probe your mind

With his molten fingers of brimstone

Digging for that touch.

That touch to take you to hell.

As he ignores your tearful yell.

But its what you wanted.


You stoond at the crossroads

Trembling and hopeful.

As you bury your box in the gravel.

He’ll smash your brain to bits

With his unholy gavel.

There’s no coming back

He’s got you in his hessian sack.


He’s a god and a demon

He’s good and bad

Evil and fair as you tremble there.

The hounds howl into the night,

Smelling blood and a fight.

He’ll take you in his arms

And hold you tight.


Its time to stop give up the fight.

As your dragged crying into the night.

He laughs at your tears,

Cause he’s a god and a demon

And he’s caught you coming back.

As he feeds you bile and all that’s vile,

He laughs at your pain.

In his hessian sack.


He’s a god and a demon 

and there aint no going back.

Your heart in his fiery hand

You gotto know there’s no coming back.

From the crossroads and across the track.

You sold your soul in blood

Fightings no good,

And he’s got you in his hessian sack

He’s a god and demon

And you aint never coming back.



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