The Hokey Cokey

You kept your whole self in

You ate out just to help out

In out, in out

Your mind is shaken all about

You do the hokey cokey

And u-turn around

That's what it's all about

Woah it's not a big jokey

Woah the rules get smokey

Woah join in the karaoke

Rules bent

Rules stretched

Ra Ra Ra


Should you keep yourself in

Should you stop going out

In out, in out

Too much confusion and doubt

So do the hokey cokey

Try not to feel down 

That's what it's all about 



Stay home and stay safe

Tracked and traced when out

In out, in out

Give our NHS a great big shout 

Just do the hokey cokey

To keep safe and sound 

That's what it's all about

Woah ......


Stay within the rule of six

New rules, please don't flout

In out, in out

Do not sulk, do not pout

Let's all do the hokey cokey

And bring this virus down

That's what it's all about


just for fun

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julie callaghan

Sun 13th Sep 2020 16:34

Added a couple of extra verses. Anyone?

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Paul Sayer

Thu 10th Sep 2020 17:24

I would be over the moon to see it added and improved upon somewhat do it, do it.

We should get together and do some colaberations on other great songs to diss the party line. 😉

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julie callaghan

Wed 9th Sep 2020 20:45

There’s definitely a few more verses to be added. Paul I think the NHS quote would fit in very well.

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julie callaghan

Wed 9th Sep 2020 20:43

Thanks very much Greg, Paul, Stephen and for the comments and likes. Wasn’t too sure about this post but pleased it raised a smile or two.

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Paul Sayer

Wed 9th Sep 2020 19:10

Reminds me of the f word all this in and out and shaking it all about.

Oh! we all are being shafted
Oh! we all are being shafted
Oh! we all are being shafted

Especially the NHS without any doubt.


Just remember DO NOT shake that highly contaminated mask about as you toss it on the grass or in your kitchen on the worktop.

Brilliant poem Julie absolutely brilliant.

made me smile 😷

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Stephen Gospage

Wed 9th Sep 2020 17:41

Love it.

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Wed 9th Sep 2020 11:00

Rock music...a band with drumming....sounds funky ...hokey dokey...enjoyed it....better with music I guess 😄

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Greg Freeman

Wed 9th Sep 2020 10:09

I agree, very difficult to learn the dance steps to this one. They seem to keep changing ... Nice work, Julie. Very skilful take on the latest bewildering development.

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