How free are we?

How free, flows the raging river

How free, float the clouds

How free, sways the luscious grass

How free, stand trees so proud


How free, swirls the playful wind

How free, tides ebb and flow

How free, the sunlight bathes the earth

How free, wild flowers grow


How free, the stars prick night with gold

How free, the moon that shimmers

How free, roam creatures of the night

How free, the eyes that glimmer


Yet, we sit bound by shackles

By time and by routine

Days pass us by so quickly

Losing thoughts and all our dreams


How free, we all could roam

How free, with shackles thrown

How free, if eyes could see

How free we all would be! 


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Stephen Atkinson

Wed 14th Oct 2020 08:53

Thank you Keith for your wonderful comment! The shackles are chaffing a bit at the moment!

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keith jeffries

Wed 14th Oct 2020 02:55

A masterful poem which exudes power and passion. I love every word of it.

Thank you for this

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