Heart to Share

I still feel you

Every now and then

Hard not to

You changed me in so many ways

And in the end

I broke my own heart

To be certain

I would never lose you

Because it was easier

Easier than possibly losing you

But I didn't know

The pain it would cause

The years of torment

I became what I thought to be

Your protector

But that only wore me down

Eventually I lost my strength

Gave up

Let you go

But you still have my heart

A part of it at least

I broke it into so many pieces

And I've been giving them away

And over the years

I found it to was never mine to keep

My own heart

Was not mine

It was given to me

To share

So I share it with the world

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Tue 1st Sep 2020 23:49

Healing begins !!! Beautifully expressed

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