Nora was a retiree and had plenty of free time,

Sometimes sat on a bench writing a poem with rhyme.

One day she was at the town centre coming out of a shop,

And was confronted by a parking ticket been written by a cop.


Nora went up to him and said,"How about giving a pensioner a break?"

"You parked on a double yellow line,for God sake !"

Nora replied,"Go to hell turd and face the fire !"

The policeman wrote another ticket re a bald tyre.


Nora insulted him again using the word "turd."

The policeman swiftly on the car windscreen placed a third,

Nora personally was calm,didn't make a fuss,

Didn't own the car,came into town on a bus.


The car was towed away and never to be re-used,

Owned by a man, by whom Nora had been abused.




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Brian Maryon

Sun 6th Sep 2020 18:29

Hugh, your usual comedy but with a cutting edge.

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Stephen Gospage

Sun 6th Sep 2020 18:08

Revenge indeed. You cross pensioners at your peril.

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