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Lost In A World Where I Don't Belong

Lost in a world where I don't belong
Trying to be honest
But it feels so wrong
Hidden inside for way too long
Still lost in a world where I don't belong

Demon’s inside
Are starting to play
Causing chaos and havoc
Having their say
Trying to convince me and sway me away
Those demons inside
Are starting to play

Feeling alone
Feeling so scared
Loved ones around me
But it's like they...

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How do I show love?

How do I show love?
I used to know
But forgotten how
Need to find a way
I’m getting colder day by day
I promise to try harder
But I’m stuck in my old ways
I set the expectations high
But before too long I fail
How do I show love?

How do I show love?
My heart’s just solid stone by now
It's pumping blood
But emotions waves are yet to flow
For years I had a passion
But it walked out ...

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Guilt has got me, or is it shame
Finding excuses, someone to blame
Trying to get the mumbled words out
Needing to talk but not wanting to shout
Trapped in a world that is just full of sin
Caught in a fight I don't feel I can win
Capturing demons that run through my head
Locked well away, those thoughts left unsaid
Deep is the prison where I keep them locked in
Hearing their screams, the t...

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End of the Line

Is this the end of the line
Have we run out of road this time
Are we still living with lies
Or are these thoughts all in my mind
My hearts forever aching
I feel there’s love inside
But it’s hard to show emotions
It’s so much easier to hide

So is this the end of the line
Or are we both just being blind
Do we just need to make time
Instead of leaving ‘us’ behind
I know the paths not ea...

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Trapped in my mind

Ask me no questions
I’ll tell you no lies
A hidden hurt 
Behind a disguise
A pain that's trapped way deep within
A world that's locked with no way in
Mixed emotions float through an empty space
Years and years just gone to waste
Living behind a fractured mask
Haunted within from a troubled past
Trying to scream to let it all out
Trying to cling to the slightest hope
Constantly fighting...

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Hey There Valentine

Hey there Valentine
Give me a sign
Can I put my trust in you
Lay it all on the line
Reflecting past romances
They have all turned out bad
But it feels like love is in the air
And it makes me feel glad
Feeling thankful for your loving
All the things that you do
Feeling thankful for the feeling
Of just me and you
So hey there Valentine
I think it's a sign
Let’s walk together side by si...

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Trapped Thoughts

Locked away emotions
I won't let no-one inside
Behind a masked perfection
Is the place I run and hide
Alone I’m always thinking
My mind just fills with dread
Unknotting the confusion
That’s tied up inside my head
Trying to escape thoughts
But I can't find no way out
My eyes are slowly welling
My cries are silenced shouts
I'm looking for the answers
But they just never seem to come

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Safety Net

Mind games playing through my head
On repeat like my favourite song
Trying hard not to get things wrong
But it’s tiring living on the edge
Dark clouds descending will I be OK
The wars are raging between straight, bi and gay
The voices screaming, they don't go away
But one day soon I hope I'll have my say
So for now hold out a safety net
I don’t know how much closer to the edge I’ll get

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Trying to understand
These thoughts running through my head
Many words that could be spoken
But they’re better left unsaid
The truth is way too painful
No pill can take away the pain
I could paint a perfect picture
But in turmoil I remain
Locked away the feelings 
Just hiding from the world
Made myself a prisoner
My parole has always failed
Emotions causing riots
Reacting with my brai...

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Another Demon

Late at night
Lying in the dark
Another demon enters
Takes a strike at my heart
The tears start flowing
I don't know if they’ll stop
He can see I’m weak and fragile
So he takes his best shot
The thoughts are getting stronger
But I keep them at bay
I guess it’s wishful thinking
That they’d just go away
I hate all the confusion
If I’d known from the start
Then this demon and his army

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One by One

You locked these chains
My mind you maimed
A life of guilt, a life of shame
Alone I cry, I live this lie
Too scared to talk
But don't know why
I feel like dirt
Inside I’m hurt
A hidden man that can't be heard
A silent voice is not my choice
Confusion lurks, you've done your work
A poisoned mind has left me blind
Thoughts of myself are all unkind
My thoughts I keep
My wounds are deep

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Tortured Soul

The air is thin it’s hard to breathe
Get out my way I need to leave
The walls around me are crumbling
Feels like a fight I’m not going to win
As I gasp and reach for air
Feels like the world for me don't care
They don't understand the thoughts inside
The thoughts locked away, those thoughts are mine
They're mine to say but I can’t speak
I’m tired and scared
I’m frail, too weak
Maybe som...

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