I walked around cause I’d had a dream

All the people wandering what they seen

I lit a cigarette on a well scratched box

Looking up I thought I saw a fox

I looked again mad and keen

Searching for the message from my dream

Only suicide is the big question to ask

Camus wrote that on a napkin before the book

Yep I felt like Sisyphus climbing up that hill

I wandered if I’d need to take a look or pill

People scratching at their heads 

Maybe they all needed to find their beds

You see this was my dream and they were lost

Every movement walking has a cost

The snow fell softly quite evenly

I considered the cold and pain evenly

Oh no I’m feeling lost my dream had a cost

I asked a man if he knew where I am

He ran away like it was Vietnam

So I don’t know what your dreamscape says

I just know mine tells me its time to pay

I was lost and living a long lost love

I fell to the ground a lonely dove

The grit stuck into my palm so looking up

I saw the world from the point of view

Of all the lost and their best friends too.


◄ In his image.

Accross the ocean. Falklands 1982. ►


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