Day Trip To Bodrum

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A stroll around old Bodrum town

busy, bustling, shaded yet so hot

Designer brands, Channel, Dior

Luis Vuitton, you can bag the lot


Every make of t shirt, Nike, Adidas

Polo, Lacoste and Georgio Armani

Shades of blue denim, designer jeans

Hugo Boss, Calvin Klein and Versace


Don't be fooled by all these labels

A bargain could be a costly mistake

Cheaper than Primark, cheap as chips

all the above certified genuine fake


Gold, silver, gems and diamonds

dazzle, reflecting under the lights

Turkish eyes of every description

azure, pale blue, black and white


A kebab restaurant on every corner

translate the menu, where to begin

Tempting food smells fill the air

Doner cooked fresh, sliced so thin


Super yachts with their helicopters

anchor on a distant and private quay

Day trip tours and small fishing boats

moor by the castle on the Agean Sea


The beach front, has many restaurants

small hotels, pensions, cafes and bars

Enticing customers with bright displays

light up the night sky like colourful stars


Bodrum has something for everyone

much more than a simple poem can say

Not my first trip and it won't be the last

an account of my visit to Bodrum today



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julie callaghan

Wed 2nd Sep 2020 16:16

Thanks for the comment and like Nisha

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Nisha Nair

Wed 2nd Sep 2020 07:15

Thanks for a day trip at Bodrum, made a quick trip to Bodrum and is back with a fresh memory.

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julie callaghan

Wed 2nd Sep 2020 07:03

Thanks for the comment and like John. I read your poem, very sad times. I remember the story well and was only thinking about it the other day. I have been coming to Turkey for 15 years but only started writing this year, hoping I will only have good times to write about my future trips.

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John Coopey

Tue 1st Sep 2020 22:36

Lovely imagery and a different take on Bodrum from mine of last year.

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julie callaghan

Tue 1st Sep 2020 19:24

Thanks for the likes Stephen, poems hub and Brian.
Brian I have never been to Bangor but I have been to me! or should that be the other way round? 😁

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Brian Maryon

Tue 1st Sep 2020 16:58

Not quite Day Trip to Bangor, but equally enjoyable.

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