Who is the bully?

Yesterday, I cracked the whip
Over a poor man’s flesh
At his request
Yesterday, I dug my heels
Into the crotch of him
Because he asked
It hurt me to hurt him
But it would hurt him too
Had I refused
The thing about me
Is that I'm not
- Me, I mean -
I'm a chameleon,
Master of masks
Slipping on disguises
Like slipping on shirts
I am metamorphosis
Shapeshifter, am I
With wolf or doe eyes
With snake or croc eyes
Contacts can be changed like shoes
Yesterday, I poured boiling water
Down that poor man's back
Next, I used candle wax
Him: crushed
I: a rush
I found myself anew
I found a painful part of me
Someone cruel
She watches buildings burn
She sketches rotting skeletons
She snorts at crying children
She is
But a me he created
A me he requested
Service required
Service delivered
That's the truth of money
Now, we both are sullied
I wonder:
Who is the bully?


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Maria Elena

Tue 15th Sep 2020 22:58

well... it's definitely interesting.
Although, I'd much prefer to be a friend

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Graham Sherwood

Sun 13th Sep 2020 23:52

Your titular question is very clearly hidden in the poem. You leave us unsure, intentionally or not. Clever.

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Alexandra Parapadakis

Sun 13th Sep 2020 23:47

Appreciate you reading, thanks! & Good to be back

Kevin T.S. Tan

Thu 10th Sep 2020 22:45

I really like twisted and perverted poetry.

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Graham Sherwood

Thu 10th Sep 2020 22:33

Good to see you posting again Alexandra.

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