MY SAVIOUR, MY SAVANT (An ode to my paid weekly "friend")

I lost all control

Crossed the threshold

My tears too excruciating to hold


I prayed earnestly to be released from the pyre

I saw you and I continued to burn 

Only now, I burned also with desire


Curiosity peaked

Fervent interest realized

The voodoo you do, mesmerized 


Divinity revealed?

Oh, what power you weild!

Desperately I yearn to yeild


Your insight nourishes

Weekly you tend to my soul and it flourishes 


Beholden and amazed

How efficiently you erase the haze 


Fog once thick and unrelenting 

To your will now bending 


I crave your presence, covet your wisdom

Unapologetically I delight in what was to come

What was damaged now mending

My gratitude unending 

My saviour, my savant

I thank you...for everything. 




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Flavia Gordon

Sun 20th Sep 2020 06:32

Paul, Vautaw, Kimberly, Stephen and Poem Hub thank you so much for reading and liking poem. xx

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