The Rose, The Stem And The Thorn


This heart beats for the people in pain,
This heart beats for those who play the crying game,
For those that wish the day would change but know it will remain the same,
This heart beats for you, although it doesn’t know your name,
This heart beats for a world that slowly burns,
This heart beats for those that see the lesson but never learn,
For those with a one way ticket to Hell, ‘cos they misunderstood the word, “Return,”
This heart beats those who think their worth is what they earn,
This heart beats for those that face extinction,
For those that see both good and bad but don’t know the distinction,
For those whose affliction is addiction and with full conviction fulfil the worst prediction,
Stating, restriction of their mission is a position based on fiction,
This heart beats for the lost and lonely souls,
This heart beats for the, “Halves,” who would be, “Wholes,”
For the road weary at the bridges, that can’t afford to pay the tolls,
And trying to cross anyway, fall prey to the trolls,
This heart beats for all who have lost direction,
This heart beats for the smiles that don’t bear close inspection,
Whose affection is rejected and are forced to conclude upon reflection,
That their only option is genuflection at the altar of rejection,
This heart beats for the weary and the worn,
This heart beats for those that love and those that mourn,
For the shattered, torn, forlorn and those met with both hope and scorn,
This heart bets for the rose, the stem, and the thorn.
This heart beats for you,
This heart beats and wishes that your dreams come true,
This heart beats its rhythmic, steady, strong tattoo,
This heart beats, and knows that yours is beating too.

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