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The ocean calms me
envelopes me
supports me when I need to sail
Powerfully, it won’t hesitate
to remind me of my place
or comfort me when I fail

Its waves sing along in time
mirroring my mood
or challenging me to improve
We laugh in the shallows
or toil through the depths
almost always perfectly in step

Every day is beautiful
a work of heart 
and trying...

The muse of my life; my happiness
and though your face isn’t
peering out from every poem
Sometimes, we are artists
making makes us happy
in each other’s company we’re free

Sometimes, we’re salty
Sometimes, we don’t say
all we need to say, straight away
but it flows out in the end
and we’re back on course again

This life we made together
our voyage into the future
You my love, you are the sea
Please never leave
Raise your loving waters
and swaddle them around me

Every day is beautiful
a work of heart
and trying to be 
my very best for you...



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Wed 16th Sep 2020 11:04

Thank you Victoria and Shifa. I'm so pleased you stopped by to read this one. I've had a few of the lines from this buzzing around in my head for the last few weeks and it felt really good to finally get them down on paper.

Also, thank you so much to Neressa, Emer and Jordyn for reading and the 'likes'. 😊

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Shifa Maqba

Wed 16th Sep 2020 04:28

Fantastic piece! Poignant and honest.

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Mon 14th Sep 2020 23:12

Thank you Tom for sharing your beautiful poetry! I feel the same way about the ocean. There is something magical about the sea. ❤️

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