An addiction to cycling and exercising my dog

I jump into my hundred pound car,

With dog,drink and bounty bar.

We drive to the canal and unload my bike,

And hit the tow path doing what we like.


Dog runs along by my side,sometimes ahead, 

The fresh air and variety brings joy to each head.

We proceed for an hour at a sensible pace,

Both suitably satisfied and feeling ace.


We seek a bench and relax at our destination,

Scoffing our treats and drinks with joy  and elation.

We people and dog watch for quite a long time,

And listen to the church bell sending out it's chime.


The benefits of cycling is beyond doubt,

An aerobic exercise,get's us out and about.

Two hours a day we regularly do,

My dog's called Olly and my name's Hugh. 








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Stephen Gospage

Sun 27th Sep 2020 18:19

A great life. I have a dog but (not often) a bike.

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Paul Sayer

Sat 26th Sep 2020 11:14

Can we do product placement?

Oh! I do hope so... otherwise it's nuts, coconuts.

I thought at first Hugh you were dumping your bike in the canal!

Then after reading on I could see I was being a tad hasty in my seething rant mood, which was good because it not even lunchtime yet.

Great poem with a sound message mate.

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