War Wounds

Getting slammed, hot damn, and we were doin pretty ok.

Had a view, me and you, of getting past the day to day.

Now we’re stuck, outta luck, can’t plug back in again.

The circuits are shorted, grounded, aborted, can’t guess where or when.

We will go somewhere, do something, ain’t afraid just yet

Trouble is the things we do, we did, may never ever reset.

No time to dip a toe, we got to go, we’ll take what we can get.

Gotta think, wanna drink, better wait and see if we can generate 

The cash we need, mouths to feed, keep afloat and payments make.

Just one little thing, China sends a bug and we die or go broke.

Then they blow smoke, tell a lie, while we’re put in a hole, no joke.

Easy for commies to play us when we let them come back for more.

If we keep sleeping, won’t just lose this battle, we’ll lose the friggin war.

So let’s get shakin, get into our plan,

Take this act down the road.

Stay positive, test negative, show the world we’re gonna reload.

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