Russell Sprout was rather stout

as wide as he was tall.

His appearance was hysterical

verging on the spherical,

exactly like a ball. 


As marmite's not to everyone's taste

while others seem to love it,

Russell drew a parallel

with some put off by a rotting smell

while others rose above it. 


In one thing he was much admired

and worthy of a mention

his green credentials were intact

an essential way of life in fact

and worthy of attention. 


He never thought to change his name

thinking that his shape was good

while some it's said, look like their dog

he was a blend of toad and frog

trying to be Robin Hood. 


Let's take leave of Russell Sprout

a tale as wide as tall

it had its moments magical 

but also some more tragical 

it's poetry after all. 




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Wed 4th Nov 2020 16:50

Thanks Trevor. There's more pleasure in the four line pattern I agree, but I fitted it to see if I could successfully, and was quite pleased with the discipline and slightly one foot on the kerb one on the road lilt!


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trevor homer

Sat 31st Oct 2020 14:30

I like the Spike Milligan-esqe absurdity of this, but to my mind 4 line stanzas work better [found myself editing as I read]. Good stuff.

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Fri 18th Sep 2020 14:40

Thank you for looking in, Dan and Shifa!

Got to admit Brian there could be a back story with those ingredients!


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Brian Maryon

Tue 15th Sep 2020 22:22

Poor old Russell
Not quite a cabbage
More a couch potato
Hardly moves a muscle

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