Matters Not

I matter to you You matter to me I want to mingle with your matter Taste your matter Touch your matter Breathe your matter Absorb your matter Have our matters combine Create new matter

I want to tell you how much you matter Why you matter Explain the effects your matter has on my matter Show how much your matter has changed my matter even without contact or fusion

I imagine spontaneous combustion when I think of our matters interacting How explosive-reactive our matters would be

Like I have said before...

And we both know

Matters not though.

◄ Besotted and Loving it!

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Flavia Gordon

Wed 23rd Sep 2020 21:51

I really appreciate your reading and liking my piece, Jordyn, Julie, Kevin, and Stephen.💕

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Flavia Gordon

Tue 22nd Sep 2020 00:13

You have made my night with your comment Keith, thank you! You are most welcome.xx

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keith jeffries

Mon 21st Sep 2020 23:18

Flavia, exquisitely written. Utterly beautiful and knowing. A poem to adore.

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