The Roundabout

We have turned a corner

but not in a good way

Only pandemic news 

reported again today 


Predictions and scenarios 

on the pandemics pace 

Restrictions and curfews

now due back in place 


Round and round we go

dizzy and confused 

On the Covid roundabout 

sickened not amused

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A Moment On The Lips ►


julie callaghan

Tue 22nd Sep 2020 15:56

Thanks Paul and Kevin for the likes.

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Paul Sayer

Tue 22nd Sep 2020 12:56

Good for you my free-thinking poetess.

Another good day for poets just like you Julie.

Together we will get free from these tangled blues.

julie callaghan

Tue 22nd Sep 2020 12:24

Done! Just for fun

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Paul Sayer

Tue 22nd Sep 2020 11:39

Turn OFF your TV. Stop reading the snooze papers!

Write to somebody who needs to hear from the outside world... The world OUTSIDE of COVID.

You know who needs the contact, the consolation, the fun, the laughter... The Poetry.

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