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new snow willl fall


                           new snow will fall



                           I saw a few geese flying south

                           the days will turn colder soon


                           the warm days will be remembered

                           as the new flakes start to fall


                           but there are new beauties to behold


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my shadow

my shadow



my shadow is annoying

follows me everywhere I go


that is if the sun is shining


late evening my shadow gets elongated

and makes me look thin


at noon, my shadow becomes portly


the only shadow that delights me

is when I see your shadow enter my room

and float across my bed until the sun goes down.


I hold it until morning


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coins in the fountain

coins in the fountain


when you tossed coins into the fountain

did you make a wish that might come true

or only a wish that you can wish for


they say the grass is greener

on the other side of the mountain


but they also say she will come

riding six white horses

when she comes


is either true

or are these only things others have wished for



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a cloud of dust

a cloud of dust


I watched as you drove down the dirt road

in a cloud of dust

swallowing you until you vanished


you said you will return to me


will you


do you promise


tomorrow I will look down the dirt road

for a small speck on the horizon

that grows until the close perspective

allows your face to fill the entire frame of my mind


you h...

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tears of sorrow

the streets of Uvalde full of tears


tears over the loss of precious children


but also tears of the loss of  a nation’s innocence


did we lose it on waldon’s mountain


or the streets of mayberry


or around our own dinner tables


or in the womb of the chapel


can it be found again


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McKune's Stanyan Street

McKune’s Stanyan Street



I  saw you walking on Stanyan Street today


you seemed to be in a hurry

or concerned

or searching


were you trying to find a new acquaintance


or looking for the memory of Rod McKuen

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searchingpast memories

skinny dipping

skinny dipping


I saw the two of you at the spring

skinny dipping


splashing and having fun


were you on your lunch break

or did you call in sick?


if he ever swims away

you know that I am here

with goggles and snorkel tube


to show you things you have never seen before


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laast night's pleasures



last night's pleasures


The maiden walked through

the village's cobblestone streets

to the small white chapel

seeking forgiveness

for last night's pleasures.




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blue tears

blue tears


her blue tears

falling on the pink morning

created a lavender sky

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I wonder

I wonder


I saw you skipping through the meadow this morning


were you on your way to meet a secret lover


or taking a shortcut to the Village Market


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mysteryloveryoung woman

The Lonely Old man Sits by the Window

the lonely man at the window

the old man sits by the window

she left him here yesterday

said she would be back soon

he went to bed but could not sleep

has she stayed away on purpose?

next morning he arises again

to sit and wait even if it takes an eternity

he said he would wait

and that he did until his dying day

this morning at daybreak

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I saw you at the spring
this morning

you were looking at your
reflection and trying
to adjust your face

there is no need for that
the spring loves you
just the way you are

and waits each morning
for your return
just as I do

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early spring, early robins

early spring, early robins


the robins came by yesterday

for their early spring visit

to strip the red berries from our trees


they do the same each year

how do they have such memories

to return to the same place after winter


suppose they have a build-in GPS

or an Alexis or Ms. Google

who directs their travels and

instructs them where the best

places ...

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the long winter is almost past

the long winter is almost past



the long winter is almost past

the sun has started to travel back north

trying to get through checkpoints

on its way from southern countries


the snow that was beautiful

when it fell weeks ago

is now slick ice, not pretty

and is dangerous


the full moon shone bright

the last few nights, giving

extra beauty to the ni...

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the old windmills

in Spain, slowly turning

large cloth blades


turning and grinding

ancient grains of the past


lined up in a row on a hillside

waiting for Don Quixote

to mistake them for giants


with his sidekick Sancho

he attacked them

only to get his lance

caught in the canvas blades


thought he had been tricked

by an evil...

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windmillsdon Quixote

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