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ain't ain't a word


ain’t ain’t a word


boy told daddy

teacher said

there ain’t no such word

as ain’t


daddy just

looked at him

told him to

tell the teacher

the word was used

by this family

a long time before

the teacher was born and

will be used long after

she has gone.


             boy thought to himself

 I ain’t going to tell her


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Boy and Kite

kite and boy


a paper kite

flutters in the wind

making wonderful sounds

back to the boy holding

the end of the string


kite dips and smiles

at boy and dances

little jigs as its string

is held taut

boy smiles back


a strong wind begins to blow

kite string breaks with a snap

startled boy looks up

and sees kite start to

fly in erratic patterns ...

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shadow our cat

Shadow our  cat

communicates with us


he realizes that we cannot

speak cat so he watches

our human behavior

and uses it to communicate

with my wife and me


if his food bowl

is empty he does not meow

he just goes and stands

by his bowl and stares at us


if he is ready for bed

he goes to the bottom

of the stairway and stares at us

until we join h...

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afraid of the dark


afraid of the dark


afraid of the dark

but only at night


brave during

the light of day


very brave


afraid of nothing

except a nest of

ground hornets

or poison ivy


at night he would


run in the dark


always afraid of

what was following


never thinking

about what might

be ahead


he did not want

anyone t...

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the sound of the sun

the sound of the sun


lying in bed

he hears the sun rise


forest full of trees

trees full of birds

birds full of song


he rises, feels for his cane

shuffles his way outside 

to the warmth of the sun

and orchestra of birds

turns towards the rays

that he cannot see

opens his ear lids and 

smiles at the morning

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a gull or an angle

a gull or an angel


watching a gull

catch an up current of air

higher and higher
until it was so small 
I could not see it

maybe it was an
angel returning home

or a gull who was
seeking freedom

wonder if gull knows

kris kristofferson’s

poem line

“freedoms just another

word for nothing left to lose”

or knows jonathan l. seagul

who loved to fly

was a ...

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