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clyde McCulley on someone's forgotten cottage (18 hours ago)

clyde McCulley on someone's forgotten cottage (18 hours ago)

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someone's forgotten cottage

someone’s forgotten cottage



walking in the woods

I discovered

an old deserted cottage


weeds and thicket grew all around

the windows were gone

old curtains blew in the

breeze seeming to enjoy their

almost freedom


old chairs sitting in front

of the cottage wasting away

in the rain sun and snow


if I look hard enough might

I get a glimpse...

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woods filled with snow

woods filled with snow



I walked through woods

as they filled with snow

a winters walk to fill my lungs

with cold december chill


I came to a small rise

one that I did not know

where did this hill come from

how was I unaware


I looked for familiar sightings

but found none

nothing seemed identifiable


I walked to the edge of the hill

and p...

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the old windmills

in Spain, slowly turning

large cloth blades

turning and grinding

ancient grains of the past


lined up in a row on a hillside

waiting for Don Quixote

to mistake them for giants


with his sidekick Pancho

he attacked them

only to get his lance

caught in the canvas blades


thought he had been tricked

by an evil...

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a pair of old cowboy boots

a pair of old cowboy boots (1950s)



Kenny and I always wanted

a pair of cowboy boots


there was no money for such

a childish wish


one day walking

in the woods

we stumbled upon a trash dump


someone richer than us

had discarded what

we considered treasures


we found old comic books

an old alarm clock

that worked, once we banged

it ...

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cowboy bootsimaginationkidstreasureswoods

eyelids and earlids

eyelids and earlids



beauty from color



glimmer from a lake


all lost with eyelids closed


birds songs in the forest,

symphony of city car horns

beeping to a crescendo

cooing of a morning dove

breathing of a lover


all lost with ear lids shut


is one better

to loose than the other


one would have to ask Helen Kell...

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beautyearlidseyelidsHelen Kellerloversightssounds

Howler Monkeys in Costa Rica

howler monkeys



our Costa Rica hosts took

us to their ranch in the

jungle for a weekend


a ranch house on a small island

a river running around each side

a swinging wooden bridge

crossed the river to the house


we walked, swaying across the bridge

carrying our things from the car


suddenly we heard a loud screaming

sound which sounded like an e...

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costa ricagonadshowler monkeysjungle

little NYC hotel on 23rd street (1980s)


little NYC hotel on 23rd street (1980s)


our little

leo house hotel

on 23rd street

was operated by Sisters of St. Agnes


an old time hotel

an elevator with

brass  scissor gates

operated by a nun


separate hot

and cold faucets

a bath/ shower/bath

clad in white subway tile


a crucifix over our bed

spied on our lovemaking

blessing our ...

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23rd streetartcity soundsloversNYCold hotel

scary night sounds

scary night sounds



he hears the night woods

soft sounds as well as scary


different from day woods


he lies in his cold bed

in cold room

hears frozen trees

grinding against each other

in the cold night wind

a hard unpleasant sound


hears distant sounds

far away in the hills

is it the sound of a wolf

or a coyote seeking a mate



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the tattered old man on Christmas Eve

the tattered old man on Christmas Eve


snow was falling hard

as the old man struggled

through the deep drifts

on the country road


light shone from a

a farmhouse window

the old man smiled seeing the glow


it was a candle

the widowed mother had placed there

nightly since last Christmas Eve


a year ago

a man was found

frozen along this same road


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christmascountry roadgood deedsloveold manwidowed mother

summer nights 1950s

summer nights 1950s


curtains hang lifeless

awaiting breeze that does not come

whippoorwill sings 

hot and sweaty song 

it doesn’t feel like singing


boy hears whistle’s blast 

of a night train 

slowly crawling its way

through the country side

breaking the silence at each crossing


ambulance sirens scream

through hot night air

transporting wounded


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boycountryhot nightsimpotentsouth

mystifying rain forest


mystifying rain forest


years ago we discovered

a small hotel

at the edge of the rain forest

in Monte Verde Costa Rica


we arrived late afternoon,

bought cheese, bread

and a bottle of wine

we sat in front of a large window

in our room overlooking

the forest


the owner told us to do...

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Costa Ricafograin forestromance

six word poem

six word poem

how do you know

I don't

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factsself-knowledgesix words

thinking of robert frost


thinking of Robert Frost



in a new england village

an old man wandered

the road towards me

thick crop of frosted hair


snowflakes started to fall


he shuffled along

looking here

looking there


a flight of geese

flew in a perfect V pattern



he watched them disappear

then walked

towards me slowly

a bit confused



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new englandpoetryrobert frostsnoewoods

Selling Christmas Trees and Roman Candles, 1950





Selling Christmas Trees and Roman Candles, 1950


My older married brother, Willy, asked Kenny and me if we would like to help him sell Christmas trees. We said, “Sure we would love to help.”

Willy had gone into the woods and cut a number of cedar trees. We were going to sell them out of the back of his old Plymouth station wagon and an old trailer. The NAPA auto store...

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christmaschurchpastorroman candlessales

christmas bubble lights, 1948


christmas bubble lights 1948


aunt madline and uncle marvin

were rich, they lived in Memphis

had running water, indoor toilet

and a big black car


they visited us each year

on their way to hot springs

to soak in hot water mineral baths

for their aches and pains


one year they brought us their old

string of electric bubble lights

ones that bubbled u...

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christmas past, 1947

christmas past 1947


when I was young

christmas was special

for a boy in a small home

that  could not afford

a big christmas


my brother and I walked

through the woods

looking for an evergreen

to cut for our tree


we finally found one

but it was spindly

few branches flowing from

its skinny trunk


we cut it and dragged

it home through the...

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christmas childrengiftssanta

ain't ain't a word


ain’t ain’t a word


boy told daddy

teacher said

there ain’t no such word

as ain’t


daddy just

looked at him

told him to

tell the teacher

the word was used

by this family

a long time before

the teacher was born and

will be used long after

she has gone.


             boy thought to himself

 I ain’t going to tell her


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Boy and Kite

kite and boy


a paper kite

flutters in the wind

making wonderful sounds

back to the boy holding

the end of the string


kite dips and smiles

at boy and dances

little jigs as its string

is held taut

boy smiles back


a strong wind begins to blow

kite string breaks with a snap

startled boy looks up

and sees kite start to

fly in erratic patterns ...

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shadow our cat

Shadow our  cat

communicates with us


he realizes that we cannot

speak cat so he watches

our human behavior

and uses it to communicate

with my wife and me


if his food bowl

is empty he does not meow

he just goes and stands

by his bowl and stares at us


if he is ready for bed

he goes to the bottom

of the stairway and stares at us

until we join h...

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afraid of the dark


afraid of the dark


afraid of the dark

but only at night


brave during

the light of day


very brave


afraid of nothing

except a nest of

ground hornets

or poison ivy


at night he would


run in the dark


always afraid of

what was following


never thinking

about what might

be ahead


he did not want

anyone t...

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the sound of the sun

the sound of the sun


lying in bed

he hears the sun rise


forest full of trees

trees full of birds

birds full of song


he rises, feels for his cane

shuffles his way outside 

to the warmth of the sun

and orchestra of birds

turns towards the rays

that he cannot see

opens his ear lids and 

smiles at the morning

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a gull or an angle

a gull or an angel


watching a gull

catch an up current of air

higher and higher
until it was so small 
I could not see it

maybe it was an
angel returning home

or a gull who was
seeking freedom

wonder if gull knows

kris kristofferson’s

poem line

“freedoms just another

word for nothing left to lose”

or knows jonathan l. seagul

who loved to fly

was a ...

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