My Super man

Panic setting in

For reasons unknown everything is unsettling

I wished I could kick my heels and disappear

But, instead, he appears

Through the haze his face is clear

I fight the urge to will him near

Oh God, did he sense my fear

Or my emotions churning and my tears near

How does he do it, what exactly does he hear

Me quietly praying, daring him to care

My vulnerability on full blast as I stand before him bare

Begging him to reassure me, to always be there

I hate promises, never asked anyone to swear

This need I have for him unfamiliar,  absolutely quite rare

Unselfishly with me, his "powers" he shares

I know he is preparing me for a day I dread and can't bear

A day I will no longer be permitted to his lair

I try to be understanding, to agree that it is all fair

But inside I die a little daily behind the veneer.




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