Old Men


Old men are grumpy

it's common that they

are grumpy because

they've seen better days


Since all that they knew

has been blown away

their grumpiness knowing

they have feet of clay


As living gets harder

little things aggravate

they grow more impatient

are scared of their fate


As what was once good health

now slowly abates

that around the near corner

mortality waits.




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Paul Sayer

Sun 27th Sep 2020 21:18

d. around the next corner a mortuary awaits... The true door to freedom and flights of an ultimate reality the youngsters will only be able to 'play at'.

Eternity waits for all of us.

Your poem is a verse of the curse of ignorance we have been spoon-fed since birth. It is good that we should seize the moment, pluck the day.

For us all, there is another day yet to dawn.

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M.C. Newberry

Sun 27th Sep 2020 17:03

Ah..a plaintive little ditty
But away with any self-pity!
I'm nearly seventy seven
And as close as many to heaven
I acknowledge ageing's pains
And Its aggravating strains.
In a mocking kind of way
I take what comes my way
But as long as nature is giving,
I'll get on with the business of living.


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