Money, Money, Money

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I bet all of you, wish you could be me

Perched high and mighty above the sea

I look down upon those who have not

From my monogrammed pool…. aboard my giga yacht


I bet all of you, wish you could be me

I can have anything I desire you see

Anything money can buy I can choose

I am winning at life, then again.... I can afford to lose


My fortune made from drilling soil

I made my millions from trading oil

I spend my money on important things

Jets, cars, yachts, helicopters.... diamond studded bling


I surround myself with the best in life

Model girlfriends, an understanding wife

I gift tokens of love, of priceless treasure

Small gestures like these.... buys me endless pleasure


I bet all of you, wish you could be me

I have everything I could ever need you see

Paparazzi pay good money for a photo or two

A photograph with me..... could be the making of you


I bet all of you, wish you could be me

I mix in the right circles, among royalty

I party with the rich and those who found fame

Don't ask me who..... I can't remember their name


When the party is over and I am all alone

Bottle of finest in hand, slumped on my throne

I contemplate what I can not buy with all my wealth

Peace, love, happiness, respect, trust, wisdom and health


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julie callaghan

Sat 5th Sep 2020 07:48

Thanks for the likes Stephen and Flavia.

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julie callaghan

Fri 4th Sep 2020 14:00

Thanks Nicola.
Thanks Brian, someone said the yacht in moored in the bay belonged to a wealthy sheikh. Now I am wondering how many women own giga yachts, I always think of them as boys toys😁

Nicola Beckett

Fri 4th Sep 2020 13:43

A fab poem and so true money doesn't buy happiness, but it helps to pay the bills x

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Brian Maryon

Fri 4th Sep 2020 13:04

Interesting that you've written it from a man's perspective Julie...

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