some call it being in flow
i call it being in stream
whatever it is i love it
it's the best place i've been

something started to happen
must be in the plan
found myself at the river
started knowing who i am

searched for words
found a goldmine
felt them flowing
streamed from me line by line

tapped into a plethora
of thoughts and memories
an endless treasure chest
of tales and stories

put pen to paper
my musings i did write
continued to flow faster
until i saw the light

it's been there all along
buried by anger and debris
that imaginative child
just waiting to be free

kinda sad it happens
over and over again
we get so far away
we lose the child within

one we were carefree
unafraid to explore
suddenly see a brick wall
when it's only a door

why do our dreams die
as we grow older
shouldn't we dream bigger
better and bolder

lost little me
for a long...long while
left her behind
living a lie and in denial

but there came a time
when surely i did know
had to go back to my childhood
if i really wanted to grow

if i wanted to live in the moment
to live without fear
had to face the mirror
not worry how i appear

went back to the banks
of the river Thames
back to where it started
to where it began

stared into the water
watched the reflection run
something was happening
an awareness had begun

remembered the days
that i ran fast and bold
did silly skits
the funny stories i told

forgot about the girl
who loved to dance and garden
once like malleable clay
my heart had hardened

spring melted the river
and my heart too
had an epiphany
knew just what to do

got myself an old computer
paper...a pack of pens
stared writing
have been since then

wanna find your own flow
what your life means
go back to childhood dreams
and you'll soon be in stream







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