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My eye sight will fade with time this I feel is true. 

I pray my memory can hold till the end of my days. 

When my body weakens to the point at which no more time is left for me

When all I can see is pitch black darkness.

 I hope to think back to my memories I have of you. 

Might I be able to see you as if you were standing before me. 

Allowing me to view the image of  your beaut...

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The purpose of life is to live. Primal emotions are like drugs. They alter our minds the way we feel how we think. While we are on a love high we become blinded by the dealer. We want more we don’t care about the price. We don’t think is this real we only care about satisfying the hunger we have for more. When we start to sip on Hate we begin to feel warm as if that flame within us is being fed on...

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I lay here alone at night not cause you asked it of me. 

Alone I stay Out of my desire for you.  

I choose not to stray however misguided I my be. 

I laugh at myself cause you don’t feel that way for me.

You’re wrapped up in feelings for another. 

Why do I test myself so hard. 

The only answer I can think of would be is to prove to myself I am worthy.

Knowing I can pass any te...

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Song of the soul

The song sung by the soul is heard by the heart. 

The body responds to what is felt in the only way it knows.

The melodies our souls sings is constantly sung throughout our lives. 

Only the hearts that are attuned to the sound of your soul will ever hear its song. 

The heart will unlock itself there is nothing we can do.

You can't deny your heart the very thing it craves.

I have ...

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Anxiety of feelings

(We all think this when we meet someone)

Can you love me?

 Can you give me what I desire most? 


(Honesty who doesn’t feel this way)


When I am around you I can’t help but smile. 

I look at you an I am filled with feelings. 

I feel joy,happiness,nervousness. 

When I think about how I feel 

I’m completely comfortable around you. 

it’s Love I feel. 

how do you f...

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Fate has crossed our paths.  

Its for a reason or simply just a season. Come to me let me help you heal .

I will listen to your story closely don't be afraid I will not judge you. 

I will help mend your spirit from the scare of the past all you need to do is vocalize your emotions. 

Allow my words the chance to warm a heart that has grown cold. 

From others who have failed you. 


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One last night

Anyway in the waking world we waste our time away.

Soon days pass and we are still in the same place as yesterday.

 Never aware till its to late and all we have left is our last day. 

Then we think of all the things we wish we did when we had time.

However time has past in this the waking state.

 now we sleep one last time and as well slumber we might be able to do everything we eve...

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