Don't go near the trains my boy

don't go near the trains

they'll carry you off in a puff of smoke

and we'll never see you again. 


Stay away from cars son

stay away from cars

they'll run you down for sure son

they're sure to run you down. 


Don't go near the water lad

water 'll take you away

water 'll take you away my son

we don't want you to drown. 


Keep well clear of men my lad

keep well clear of men

some of them are strange my lad

funny in the head. 


Don't go wandering off my boy

don't go wandering off

you're far too innocent you see

we worry all the time. 


We don't mind if you stay indoors

and dream about the world

as long as what you do is safe

we think it's only fair. 


So don't go near the trains my boy

don't go near the trains. 

You may go up in a puff of smoke

and we'll never see you again 




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Sun 13th Sep 2020 22:00

Apologies for the late response everyone! Keith, you're right, it does have that kind of flow to it - i'll have to make do with zoom !

Thanks Martin, my dad would have been too aloof to do that, but i'm glad it stirred up a memory or two!

Hi Brian. There's some truth to that in an extreme sense. I often think everything we used to take for granted has to be justified nowadays even though to us it is bleeding obvious.

Yes Mark. That doesn't bear thinking about, although some of our leaders have chunks of common sense missing that we took for granted and learnt almost by rote.

Many thanks for the likes too, Graham, Binte, Stephen and Iman.


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M.C. Newberry

Tue 8th Sep 2020 16:03

These lines do seem all too relevant to aspects of modern life.
Imagine if these sentiments had existed when young lads were
encouraged to make their way in the world (probably to relieve the
financial burden on hard-pressed family finances!). It's highly
likely there's be no empire for contemporary apologetic revisionists
to wring their hands over and condemn for all sorts of reasons.

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Brian Maryon

Mon 7th Sep 2020 22:10

I guess this is all about today's parents who wrap their kids in cotton wool. As a result kids are overweight, unadventurous and have mental health issues.

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Martin Elder

Mon 7th Sep 2020 21:43

This very much puts me in mind of the sort of thing my father would have said when I was a small boy.
Nice one Ray

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keith jeffries

Mon 7th Sep 2020 18:18


I really enjoyed this as I can see you reciting it at some venue or other.


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