Tread gently

Tread gently

through the graveyard.


Beneath your feet

a dreamland lies.


The fortunate who

dwell in it

are free of all

worldly pains and sufferings.


They bask in eternal rest.


Tread gently

through the graveyard.

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Abdul Ahmad

Mon 28th Sep 2020 20:35

Ray thank you for your honest opinions on grave stones and graveyards.

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Mon 28th Sep 2020 12:39

To be brutally hones Abdul I think graves are like afterthoughts - just memories in stone, but important to us remaining (though less so today. It was a fetish in the Victorian times to engrave and romanticize and also to show wealth as a marker. The new terminus for the HS2 will be built on a graveyard several layers deep of bodies presently being excavated with extreme care for the historical narrative.


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Paul Sayer

Sun 27th Sep 2020 13:49

My truth is based on experience and the messages from those who stand and wait (whilst finding such freedom from pain and all ills).

We have nothing to fear, except fear itself.

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Abdul Ahmad

Sat 26th Sep 2020 09:41

Paul thank you for your plausible comments. Of course there is no one in the graves. It is likely that they took the last train for the coast and are waiting there for us to join them?

Paul what a lovely way to depart this mortal coil accompanied by the said Beetles song.

Cheers for the like.

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Paul Sayer

Fri 25th Sep 2020 22:11

You do know there is nobody there.

I love that line in contacting the dead parlance

"Is there anybody there?"

Nope, they caught the last train for the coast.

Waiting on the shore are all our deceased loved ones
Of that, I have no fear!

When I slip this mortal coil I am going out to the Beatles hit song "you say goodbye and I say hello"

Until then I will enjoy your fine poetry Abdul.
Another well-crafted piece.

I love your line... "Beneath your feet

a dreamland lies."


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