I right now in this moment in time

Shal manifest light in your life and mine

Iv decided that now is when I should start

To express my desires held close to my heart

So read this carefully if you will

Whilst in silence and physically still

I was given  a gift of magic so pure

Its time to start to use it more

With eternal light from my soul

I demolish darkness to make me whole

I understand that on this plain

My purpose to make it light again

I acknowledge my powers I put in to scripture

When I write i create a picture

End Dark energies of the lower kind

Light moving forward badness behind

My rainbow aura shal shine from within

Abundant are blessings and so we begin

If anyone trys to destroy my intentions

They shal melt away no names mentioned

I focus now on my talents reserved

To welcome my way the love iv deserved

I am thankful ..never hateful

Healthy successful loved and grateful

Working along with the higher power

Spreading good vibes every god given hour

Love and protection and Angels surround me

Loving connections have came and found me

The strength and the love will spread on to others

Darkness shall lift from my sisters and brothers

As of tonight Good news will be plenty

My glass is half full never half empty

I am blessed I am power

Together our magic will heal And rebuild

With the love of my life at my side

I am balanced I am present I am blessed

Lightlovespiritual awakening




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